My Sunset Picture

My sunset picture is one that I took this summer at one of my favorite places.  It was taken at sunset at Mission Beach, which is in San Diego, California.

This is an urban beach so that may not appeal to everyone and the water is very cold for much of the year and there is a lot of seaweed.  But, I love it and have for many years.  I grew up enjoying large waves that are great for surfing, and became used to wearing a sweatshirt in the evening since it almost always is cool as the sun is going down.  And, I have many fond memories of eating all meals on the front porch of a cottage where if you look to the left, you see the magnificence and splendor of the ocean and to the right a busy street and beyond that the calmness of the bay.

You see, this place has been special and magical for my family for several generations.  I remember many visits throughout my entire life with my grandparents who bought a house just a block from the ocean for the family to enjoy.  My family growing up would go visit grandma and grandpa, cousins, aunts and uncles and have such fun playing, visiting, singing and listening to stories.  These visits were magical for me, my sister, brother and parents and others in the family too.

Now my siblings and cousins come to this wonderful beach with our children so another generation is able to enjoy the fun.  And, in addition to the special times with family, we are blessed to have a wonderful group of friends who are blessed to live in this beach community.  The are the beach neighborhood who have been so welcoming to us and so giving.  They truly know what family is — even when you aren’t related.  These people have continued to make this a place I look forward to visiting in the summer.  It is truly a home away from home.

I hope you too have a place that was special in both your childhood and as you have become an adult.

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