I Still Wonder

Welcome to my Blog.  My name is Patti and as my title says, I Still Wonder about many things.

This title pays homage to a character that my grandfather told us about in family stories.  The main character was always looking for where rainbows come from.  And along the way, he often got into trouble and needed his friends to help him out of the jam he was in. He then was able to return home and begin a new adventure the next day.

These stories were ones that we enjoyed and I’d thought everyone knew about. It was a treat to later realize these were for our family and very close friends. A few times, Grandpa would tailor the story to a certain family and that was always very special.

And, I can still vividly recall the sounds he made and the inflections of his voice while telling these stories. I have often wanted to record them on paper but they would lose something without Grandpa’s voice. But I suppose, I would rather remember them as he told them as to lose the stories altogether.

I too am continuing to learn more and realize that my way in life is enhanced and made better by my wonderful friends and family. They say no man is an island, and this Grandpa taught us that in his own and very entertaining way.

I hope you will join me on this adventure as I too wonder about things!  And, please let me know what you wonder about!

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