Away In A Manger

Ian's_Manger.sceneHope you are having a great day!  Can you believe it’s just 7 days until Christmas?  If you are like me, there is still so much to be done.

On Sunday, Ian wrote a book about Christmas and drew several pictures.  Here is his drawing of the manger scene with the shepherds and wise men and angel and animals.  “The Book of Christmas” was written and illustrated by Ian.

The story as told by Ian,  “First you need to set up the manger.  Then you need to put up your Christmas tree. Then you go to bed and sleep.  You then wake up and go downstairs.  Then you see if you got coal or a gift in your stocking.  Then you see if you get presents or coal.  The End.”

This drawing was my favorite.  He made a very similar photo that we have as an ornament on our tree.

I am so thrilled this year he understands what Christmas is about — the birth of our Savior, Christ the Lord. It is exciting to realize he really likes the story of the manger and all of the animals, the angel delivering the message and the shepherds and their sheep coming as well as the 3 Wise Men coming and bringing gifts.

And, I asked him one time, “Isn’t it cool that we get gifts on Jesus’ birthday?”  He said, “Yes it is Mommy.”  He also likes Santa and is still wondering what Santa will bring to him and what treats we should leave before he goes to bed.

One week from today is Christmas.  Between now and then we will be celebrating and exchanging gifts with each side of the family.  That will be fun and include great time together as well as terrific food.  Then Christmas morning, Ian will awaken from his bed and go down to see what gifts he has received from Santa and his Mommy and Daddy.  That afternoon will be more with other family and friends as well.

The week of Christmas is always full of magic and fun.  I so enjoy seeing it all through Ian’s eyes!  He knows that Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

I Do Still Wonder

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

Over the weekend, my dad asked me if I was still ending my blogs with “I Still Wonder.”  I realized that I am not doing that as regularly as I used to.

When I started this Blog in 2011, I would end each blog with a phrase that started, “I Still Wonder.”  For the past 6 months, I have moved away from that — instead asking how you my readers are doing and your thoughts on the postings.

Grandpa.Barbour_PattiAs you have probably read, my title was inspired by Willie, the elf that my grandfather created and told us about in stories growing up.  Here I am with my grandpa many, many years ago.

Willie was on a quest to figure out where rainbows come from.  He traveled all over the world in search of them.  And, at the end of each story, he would scratch his head and say, “I Still Wonder Where Rainbows Come From.”

The story is under the page called “I Still Wonder” at the top of the page, just under the photo.

That inspired me to write and question and ponder a variety of topics.  I just have forgotten to include the phrase.  Thanks Dad for reminding me of that.

This week there are a few things that I have been wondering about.  Some are fun and some are more serious:

  • I wonder why we need to have daylight saving time.  There are places in the USA that don’t follow it — but instead keep the same time all year.  It is nice to have light until nearly 10 p.m. in the summer, but is a challenge with a 5-year-old who is convinced you don’t go to bed when it’s light outside.
  • I wonder why some people are so positive despite hearing the worst possible news.  How do they do it?  Like, Valerie Harper.  She was told she has months to live with an incurable brain tumor.  Yet, she is on the news encouraging people to make the most of their lives and savor each and every day.  She is very strong and truly is an inspiration.
  • I wonder why the conclave will announce that the vote has been cast for the new Pope via white smoke.  Why not by Facebook or Twitter like the rest of the world?  Last time there was some confusion whether or not the smoke was white or black.  I mean no disrespect but am just curious.  Hopefully this time around it will be clearly white smoke.
  • I wonder why a court had to rule on the size of soda that can be sold in a city.  What has our judicial system come to when we have to legislate the size of a drink?  I know that the Mayor of New York means well, but isn’t there a better way to encourage people to be healthy?
  • I wonder why television has so much junk on it but then airs several great shows — all at the same time.  When I was younger, there wasn’t as much to choose from as now.  I still have certain shows that I follow and don’t even bother with other items.   Some I have to record since they are aired at the same time.
  • I wonder if the best show of all time could be produced today.  Over the weekend, ABC aired a special about the best television shows.  You know what the best of all time was?  Spoiler alert — The show was “I Love Lucy,” which aired in the 1950s.  This was written and filmed during a very different time in history, and yet it lives on in syndication.  It truly is one of the funniest shows ever on the air.   I think we like it since it reminds us of our innocence and simpler times.  What do you think?

I will continue to wonder and ponder things.  And, I plan to share them with you.  I hope that you will wonder with me.