September 27 – WTF? / What the Beep?


Today’s photo challenge is WTF?  This had me stumped since what I wanted to write about didn’t have a photo with it.  So, I have a short story as well as an unrelated photo.

The photo is of my son and the first time he saw and tried Lobster.  He was pretty young when it was taken.  I thought it is funny since you can clearly tell, he’s thinking, what the heck is this Mommy?

Now he wouldn’t hold a lobster or eat it.  He was a better eater at a young age.  But he does pretty well.


For the short story, I will change the title to What The Beep? since that is the term we coined.

In 2000, my grandmother passed away.  My entire family flew out to her funeral in San Diego, CA. It was a sad time since we lost Grandma but she had a long life and lived to be 92 years old.  So we were celebrating her amazing life, as well as the new life of my niece who was a few months old.

Cousins, aunts and uncles, and my parents and siblings all enjoyed being together and all had a variety of emotions.  It was great to catch up but not in those circumstances.

The funeral was at the church where we always visit and was lovely.  Then was the time to drive to the grave.  My husband and I had rented a car and were following the hearse to the grave.  We rode with my brother and his wife and son who was not quite three years old.

Have you ever tried to follow someone on a San Diego freeway?  It is nearly impossible.  The driver we were following kept changing lanes and going very fast. It made for a wild ride and a few choice words, if you get my drift.  My sister-in-law then said, we need to say beep instead since little ears are in the back seat.

Thus, What The Beep?  was born.   We made it safely to the graveside and were able to say goodbye.  Then we left and went to my grandparent’s house for a reception.  That was a much calmer drive, thank goodness.

This was a funny time of a very sad trip.  We still use this expression today and crack up every time we do.  Isn’t it odd that some of the best and funniest memories that we have are from truly awful things in our life?

I think our Lord has a great sense of humor and wants us to be happy.  Maybe in His own way, He was telling us that Grandma is safe and happy in Heaven and for us to carry on with our fond memories.

I wonder what things today will make me say “WTF” or “What The Beep?”  I just hope they will also make me laugh!!