Ice, Ice Everywhere

icecubesThere seems to be ice everywhere outside.   On the trees, the streets, and the power lines.

If only it were the ice like in this picture — for a cold drink!

And now the state of Tennessee has declared a state of emergency.  This apparently is so they can start responding right away.

The storm has been named too.  It is called Winter Storm Khan.  Since when did they start naming storms like this?  They didn’t used to.

Thankfully schools have closed as well as many businesses, and people are staying home.  That is a good thing! I just hope and pray that the power will stay on.

A friend of mine mentioned on Facebook this morning that it’s too bad we can’t make ice cream out of the ice like we can make snow cream from the snow.  Too bad indeed.

Another friend of mine who writes the blog, “Postcards from the Ridge” (listed in my Blogroll) posted some great pictures taken in her yard this morning of this ice storm.

I may venture out and take some images.  But since I have a new camera, I won’t be going very far.  I don’t want to fall and hurt myself or break the camera!

For now, I am off to enjoy some chili for lunch and Ian has asked for chicken noodle soup.

To my friends and family, stay safe, stay home, and stay warm!!  Hopefully the temperatures will rise before the trees fall!!!!

Happy Monday

Hi and hope you are having a great Monday!

Why is that Monday’s always seem to get a bad rap?  I guess because it’s the first day of the school and work weeks.

Maybe some weeks we’d rather be at home than have to get out and get back into that routine again.  Who knows?

I try to look at Monday as the start of another week of possibilities.  We can learn new things at work or school, can try new recipes for dinner, or plan all of the activities for the upcoming week.  We can also have fun with our friends and family!

Today is the last day of winter so that is something to celebrate.  Spring begins tomorrow!  Yeah! New life and beautiful colors are back on the plants and trees!

My allergies, however, do not like all of the flowers that are blooming, the trees that are budding and the grass and weeds that are growing like crazy.

Yesterday, Ian and I worked in the yard pulling weeds.  We got quite a few out of the flower beds but there are still more to pull another day.  I will have to get the spray to help kill some of them.  Then we’ll have to do the pulling again next week, and the next.

This week, however, actually feels more like summer where I live.  Not that I am complaining, mind you.  But I am not quite prepared for that heat of summer yet.

Last week was strange in that places in Kansas, Michigan, Illinois, and Tennessee were warmer than California.  That is backwards from what you’d expect.

And, many records were broken with high temperatures.  With that, though came lots of thunderstorms and some tornadoes.

You never know what mother nature has in store.  All we can do is appreciate each day as it comes since we have no idea about tomorrow.

I wonder if we can make the most of our Monday and enjoy it?  I know I am going to try to do just that!  Have a good one.