Happy (Late) Siblings Day / Three of A Kind

3 kidsHi and Happy Friday!  I am a day late with Siblings Day, but still wanted to write about my brother and sister.  I found out this morning that it was Siblings Day on April 10.  Where have I been?

And, Today’s photo challenge is Three of A Kind.  I’d have to say that the three of us are that.  We are alike in a lot of ways, yet different too!  So, these photos speak for that as well.  Here is a photo taken in the fall of last year and the one below is from 2006.

I love my sister Cindy and my brother Richmond.  We are all close and I feel very fortunate for that.  We may not have gotten along all the time as kids but now as adults with our own families, our relationships have changed for the better.  What a blessing!

We regularly get together and that is great.  Most times when we are with our parents, Mom wants to take a picture of the three of us.  So we probably have hundreds.  And, each and every one is a great memory of our time together.

To celebrate this day, I received very nice notes and pictures from my bro and sis. My sister said she is blessed to have a brother and sister who have shared summers at the beach, afternoons playing in the woods, grandpa’s stories, mom’s camp fire fun, and dad’s driving lessons.  My brother shared a funny picture of the three of us sneaking cookies at Mom and Dad’s house and mentioned, after all these years, we still steal cookies.

DSC06098Aren’t they awesome?  I sure think so.  To both of them, I say thank you for these kind words and love!  We have shared so many wonderful memories, have laughed a lot, have been in each other’s weddings, have been there when our children were born, and have shared some tough times losing our grandparents.

I couldn’t ask for a better sister and brother.  I only wish I could see them more than I do.  I also love each of their spouses!  They are my siblings as well and I am happy that they are part of us and our family.

I am blessed to have a brother and sister who have shared a cross-country trip in our small hatchback, camping at state parks and making s’mores, family singalongs, stories by Grandpa, playing pounce, long summers at the beach, playing in our back yard and neighborhood, often walking to school, sharing holidays and birthdays, the Highland Games, Easter sunrise services outside at the marina, and many more special times.

I love my sister and brother!  Happy late Siblings Day to the two of you!