Things I Miss, Think About, and Worry About

Hi and Happy August. I just noticed that I didn’t write any blogs at all in July.  Sheesh.  I think this is because of a combination of being very busy with the family business, taking care of numerous things for our family, figuring out school options, being stressed out with the pandemic life, and not being inspired to share my thoughts.

I don’t know about you but these days I have a hard time gathering my thoughts in a coherent manner. I have a lot of worries about friends and family and these tend to cloud my willingness to write. And, I have so much on my plate to do that the writing and the thinking of that tends to take the back burner.

Certainly something I miss is my writing and the inspiration to do so. But we have been dealing with a lot over the last two years. The loss of my husband, the grief of that, and now everything that goes along with the world-wide pandemic. It is just too much some days and I have to take time to deal with that. I am thankful for my faith and all of my loved ones.

Here are some of the things that I miss, think about, and worry about as we continue to deal with our grief and our life during this pandemic. We still are primarily at home and limiting our outside activities and how many people we see:

  • I miss hugging my parents when we see them
  • I miss seeing and being with my brother and sister and their families
  • I miss holding hands and praying before a meal with loved ones
  • I miss a room full of our family for birthday parties and other gatherings
  • I miss our beach trip with family
  • I miss the beach house pictured above, the front porch, the table, and the neighborhood
  • I miss time with our in-laws and extended family
  • I miss seeing smiles
  • I miss meals on the beach house front porch
  • I miss meals out with friends and family
  • I miss going to church and singing in our choir
  • I miss having our friends over and talking for hours
  • I miss attending my son’s chorus concerts
  • I miss in person meetings
  • I miss going to the library and browsing the selections
  • I miss professional haircuts
  • I miss my husband’s voice, laugh, and hugs
  • I miss civilized debates without hate or malice
  • I miss people’s ability to agree to disagree
  • I miss having a day out for fun shopping and lunch
  • I miss not worrying constantly about my loved ones
  • I think about and worry about my nieces and nephews who are going off to school very soon, or who will be working.
  • I think about the fact that I am not able to grow old with my husband
  • I think about my son not having his dad there for his graduation and other milestones in his life
  • I think about and hope that soon life will be something that I can again recognize
  • I think about and am thankful that I have a faith in God/Jesus who loves me and has helped me through the worst pain
  • I worry about my sister, my sister–in-law, my uncle, my cousins, and several friends who are teachers and will be going back to school soon.
  • I worry about others in my family as they work outside the home and come into contact with people who may or may not be masking up.
  • I worry about my son’s school systems and all schools as they reopen during a time when so much is unknown.

I suppose that I am still more likely to see the bad in a situation and know that it may not turn out the way that I want to. That is tough and something that I continue to deal with. Ever since my husband’s unexpected passing, I know that the answer to a pray isn’t always what I want. It certainly wasn’t in that case. I hope and pray that I one day have the answer as to why that happened.

I pray that all of these loved ones will be safe and protected and that nothing will happen. I try to remain calm, but I have to admit, at times, I break down and have a cry about it.  Having those cries does help, as does reading my grief devotional book, my Bible, talking to my family, and reading notes from friends.

Along with all of these negatives, I have to share that I am so blessed to be able to work at home so I can be with my son as he starts online school. I am blessed to have a support system of people who have helped me through so much struggle and strife. I am blessed to have a faith that has sustained me in the darkest hours.

I hope and pray that you too have a support system, a faith and the ability to take care of your family and loved ones. If you are so inclined, please share some things that you miss, think about, and worry about.

I pray that we can be there for each other and build one another up. I pray that we can respect each other and learn about each other.  I pray that we will always love.

Things I Miss And Think About

Since the loss of my spouse in late 2018, there are things about him and our life together that I miss.  Some of them have come back up after hearing about several deaths this week — including the helicopter crash on Sunday when 9 people were killed — as well as the mother of a family friend.

Last night we watched a very short part of an interview with the widower of one of the women on board that helicopter.  Her name was Christina Mauser and his is Matt Mauser.  He was interviewed by Anderson Cooper of CNN about having to give the news to his three kids that their mother wasn’t coming home.

Anderson mentioned that he was 10 years old when his father died.  He said he never will forget when his mother came in and told him that he had died.  Mr. Mauser then shared about how hard it was to tell his kids.  And that they were still calling for their mother.

Anderson Cooper also mentioned that his mother said that with grief you just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  And, that there is no timeline to grief.  That is so true since the pain of any loss lasts for quite a while.  Actually, I would say that it never goes away, but that you just figure out ways of dealing with it as best you can

As Ian and I briefly watched this, we both had tears come into our eyes.  We hugged each other and I mentioned that you can imagine how they must be feeling since that happened to you.  He nodded his head as I was still hugging him.  We then wiped the tears and changed to a favorite show and started to laugh. That helped us.

Mr. Mauser said it was the little things that he missed the most.  I can so relate to that and that hit me since that is what I also feel.  After years with a spouse or partner, their sudden loss is shocking, jarring, and surreal.  The first few days I didn’t know what to do with myself and often couldn’t form the words to answer a question.

This morning I heard on the news that Kobe Bryant’s widow Vanessa, is having a hard time talking without crying.  I have to say that I totally understand.  The loss of a spouse so suddenly pains you in ways you never expected, much less also losing one of your children.  My heart goes out to her and the rest of her family.

I don’t think I will ever forget receiving the news that my husband had died.  When we arrived at the hospital, we were taken to a side room of the emergency department.  I should have known something was wrong since they didn’t take us to see him.  Then after a few minutes, a doctor and a nurse came into the room and told us that they had done all they could but couldn’t bring him back.

What the?!  We were all shocked.  I then went to see my love.  He looked like he was sleeping but he wasn’t.  I touched his hand and it was cold.  It was always warm when I held it.  So that was a shock and made me realize that he was in fact gone, no matter how much I was screaming inside that he can’t be gone.

I then went back to check on Ian and my parents who were with us.  My mind was on our son and how he was taking the news.  I was with him for a little bit and then went back to see my love one more time.  I was with him for a while, asked for his wedding band, and spent more time with him and looked at him.  And I touched his arm and hand.

I didn’t stay long.  We then left the hospital to go have breakfast since it was early morning.  I tried to eat but didn’t have much success.  And, I felt guilty and still do at times for not spending more time with my love.  At the time, all I could think about was our son.  I felt bad that I was placing him before my spouse.  And yet, I felt I had to since our son needed me, as I needed him.

There are a lot of things about my love that I remember, think about, and miss.  I wanted decades more with him and am sad that we didn’t get them.  Some of them are:

  • I still remember what he was wearing on the day that I met him at my church.  That church is where we got married and where we held his memorial service.
  • I miss his deep voice and laugh.
  • I miss the smell of his cologne after he got dressed and ready to go.
  • I miss the shows that we watched together and talked about.  To this day, I still can’t watch one of them.
  • I miss the smell of coffee that he prepared each night in the coffee maker.  He had a routine of that.
  • I miss how he was usually the life of the party and loved to make people laugh.
  • I miss his silly jokes.
  • I miss our Saturday morning talks in bed when our son would then join us.  These included lots of laughs and sometimes breakfast in bed.
  • I miss the hours he spent on a project.  Once he started, he would not stop until finished.  So, I would often help him, if I could.
  • I miss his mastery of numbers and taking care of our finances so well.  I am doing my best and trying to remember what he and my dad taught me.
  • I edited his dissertation and that was an amazing thing to be a part of.
  • I miss how great he was with the students that he worked with.  He put them at ease and helped them know they could do well with testings.
  • I miss our trips together and the fun adventures we had, first as a couple, and then a family of three.

Trying to adjust to this loss is still something we are dealing with.  We are doing better than we had been but still struggle at times.  I feel for all of these families and many others who lose loved ones each day.  I feel for the grief that they are dealing with and the pain that they are in.

My prayer is that we can appreciate each other, tell our loved ones that we do love them, and be there for one another during both the sad and happy times.  Also, I pray that we can support those who are in pain from a loss, that we can be there for them, and that we can love them.