Thanksgiving Story Bracelet

story.bracelet0002Hi and happy the day before Thanksgiving! I don’t know about you but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Good food, great family time, catching up with friends, and being thankful.  What can be better?

This year is even more special since we found out a few months ago that we are descendants of people who arrived in the United States via the Mayflower.  To think that my relative was one of the first to arrive is truly amazing.  And that this woman who is 10 generations before me was one of the pilgrims that I have learned about in school.  WOW!

Ian recently asked me, “Do you think there was turkey at the first Thanksgiving?”  I told him, “That is a very good question Ian.  We should look that up and figure out the answer.  If there was, it more than likely was wild since they couldn’t go to the store.”  He stopped to think about that, grinned at my answer, and then went back to playing.

Yesterday, Ian brought home a booklet and bracelet that they’d worked on at school — My Thanksgiving Story Bracelet.  In the booklet, they colored the picture with each explanation of bead color, and read the story.  My scan of it didn’t turn out very well but you get the general idea.  Hope you enjoy it!

  • Black is for the Pilgrims who left England searching for religious freedom
  • White is for the sails of the Mayflower
  • Blue is for the big ocean the Pilgrims traveled across
  • Dark green is for the new land the Pilgrims reached
  • Silver is for the long-snowy winter the Pilgrims faced
  • Lime green is for the fresh, new spring that gave the Pilgrims hope
  • Tan is for the Indians who helped the Pilgrims survive
  • The last four colors are for the first Thanksgiving feast
  • Orange for the pumpkins, brown for the turkey
  • Yellow for the corn, and red for the cranberries
  • This is the story of Thanksgiving

What a wonderful treasure for his first grade class.  This is such a great way to learn history because it’s fun and interactive. Thanks to his teacher who worked on this with the class!

The pilgrims were a hearty and brave group of people.  Knowing that the pilgrims grew all that they had or shared with the Indians is incredible to me.  I will think of them and their struggles as I am shopping this afternoon.

The fact I can shop for what I need at the grocery store or farmer’s market is one that I feel blessed to have.  Then I can come home, store the food in the refrigerator, use our running water to prepare the food and then clean up, and use the stove and oven to prepare it.  What an amazing blessing!  I am honestly and truly thankful for all of those amazing luxuries.  I do my best each day not to take them for granted.

Blessings and being thankful, that is what is about.  That and the breaking bread with loved ones.


One of my favorite magazines has a quiz about Thanksgiving.  Here are my answers.  What are yours?

  • Best Thing About The Holiday? All day with family, great meal, and fabulous leftovers
  • Host Dinner Or Go Elsewhere? We are going to my parents to eat
  • White Meat Or Dark Meat? I like both of them
  • Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish? This is a toughie since I love the stuffing with cranberry, my sister’s sweet potatoes, and mashed potatoes
  • Favorite Thanksgiving Dessert? My favorite pumpkin dessert is pumpkin bread.  I also like pecan pie with whipped cream
  • Cranberry Sauce: Canned Or Homemade?  I do like the canned and plenty of it
  • Sweet Potatoes: With Marshmallows or Without? I like a few on top for extra flavor
  • Best Leftover? Turkey sandwiches with cranberry and stuffing
  • TV Time: Parade Or Football? Parade first and then football
  • I’m Most Thankful For: My family, my friends, running water, and a kitchen full of food
  • I Should Be More Thankful for… my comforts, my health, freedom, and my loved ones

May you have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!