Red Carpet Quote — Mark Hamill

“There’s always a certain performance anxiety.  But it doesn’t matter whether it’s the Oscars or the PTA, just getting up in front of an audience, you don’t want to mess up.” — Mark Hamill.

This is my favorite quote from the 2018 Oscars Red Carpet.  Maria Menounos asked Hamill if he was presenting and if he was nervous.  This quote was his response.  She was a correspondent for Live With Kelly and Ryan. (The photo is from Power Point clip art.)

I really like this quote and the reference to the PTA.  I like how real this famous star is.  I like that no matter who you are speaking for, there are nerves and he gets that.  He was funny during the Oscars ceremony when he joked that there is a Jedi Pension Plan.

I have very much enjoyed seeing Hamill in a variety of interviews regarding Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  He has been funny, has a great perspective, knows how blessed he is, and is truly appreciative of the character of Luke Skywalker that he started playing 40 years ago.  He knows what a gift it all is and is appreciative.

What a breath of fresh air that is.  I wish that more people in the public eye could show their appreciation of their gifts rather than acting like jerks and thinking that the world owes them something.  If only more of them could be humble and willing to listen and know they are real and like the rest of us.

Public speaking does seem to be a common and real fear to many people.  I often am nervous before leading our PTO meetings or speaking out at events.  I used to be painfully shy and was a late bloomer.  In most ways, I have overcome that but not always.  Now I prepare and try to do my best.  And the more that I speak, the easier it gets.  Messing up can be a part of it but I hope to not do so.  Just like Mark Hamill.

Does public speaking make you nervous?  Do you get tongue-tied?  Any tricks you use to make it earlier?  Please share them.  Hope you have a great Tuesday!  More quotes again soon.

May The Fourth Be With You

May.The.4th.2016Today is a great day for every Star Wars fan.  Are you one?  I am.  And so is Ian.   We say to you May The Fourth Be With You.

His class is having Star Wars day today and he was quite excited.  A few of the kids were not familiar with it and one girl said she didn’t know anything about the story.  That was amazing to both of us, but not everyone knows it and loves it like we do.

We liked the latest movie — episode 7.  We watched it once at the theater and again at home on a DVD. I have a lot of questions and thoughts and how this will move forward. The ending left me wanting more and for the story to continue.

Ian is also a fan of Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles, the book series The Jedi Academy, Star Wars Lego sets, coloring books, and the Star Wars Monopoly Game.  He got that and other Star Wars items for Christmas gifts. This picture is from Christmas morning.

I told Ian that when I was little the first movie was just called Star Wars.  We only knew that Darth Vader was the enemy and didn’t find out about who he was related to until much, much later.  He has been perplexed about that and calls it Episode 4.

I liked the not knowing and later finding out the history of how Darth Vader came to be. I guess you can call me old school.  But, I wonder if the story has the same impact if you watch it from Episode 1 forward? What do you think?  I would love to hear some comments on this.

We have joked that Yoda must have done the numbering of the series since the first three movies to come out were 4, 5, and 6 then to 1, 2, and 3 and now episode 7.  Ian gets a kick out of that.

Hope you have a great day — whether or not you are a Star Wars fan.   And as we would say at my church: May the fourth (force) be with you.  And also with you.