Enough Already!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHi and happy Tuesday.  Today is our 7th snow day.  I cannot believe it and don’t remember the last time it was like this.  Needless to say, I am beyond over it as many of my friends and family are.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe top picture was my driveway yesterday and the street behind it.  Part of both were cleared off and it was great.  But now, again it is covered in snow.  The road is also mainly covered and starting to turn into slush where people have been driving.  I will have to get out to shovel again but am trying to wait for it to warm up just a little bit.  Not happened yet, but hopefully soon. This second picture is of the yard today.  Pretty, but we are over it.

This week we have dealt with no heat, no hot water, a gutter than has been frozen, then leaking and separating (all the same gutter thank goodness), and the replacement of our gas regulator, which froze up.  Thankfully none of these problems have been very serious or lasted very long.  I have been very impressed with our city utilities and public works and their quick response.  They have kept us from being frozen and miserable. They are working very hard in the crazy elements.  I truly do appreciate each and every one of them.

Despite all of this, there is much to be thankful for.  We have had power remain on.  Thank goodness for underground utilities.  I realize at any time this can change and that does make me nervous but I try not to think about it.  We have Internet access and phones to stay in touch with the outside world.  For the most part, our satellite TV has worked.  I hope and pray that all of these continue as I have no idea how much longer it will be until life is back to normal.

I am also thankful that on Friday we were able to get out and buy too much at the store!  And Sunday, my parents came over for a visit and some help around the house.  Thankfully they made it back home safely before this latest wave came through.  Ian has been a good sport about this despite wanting to go back to school and I am thankful for that as well. In addition, I am thankful that I do part-time work at home. The fact we haven’t had to try to get out each day is such a relief and major blessing!!

A few things I am looking forward to:

  • Seeing green grass again
  • Driving on the road safely without ice or snow
  • Seeing friends and family
  • Going out and doing things
  • Going to Cub Scout meetings again
  • Going to church and singing
  • Having Ian go back to school and seeing his friends and teachers
  • Temperatures above freezing
  • Sunny days when everything has melted
  • Warm breezes
  • Rainy days instead of snow days

I wonder when life will return to normal?  I hope that it is soon.  In the meantime, we are staying busy at home and hoping and praying that everything keeps working!  God Bless!!

February 17 – Snow Day

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAToday is our second snow day, or should I say ice day.  We seemed to have received more ice than snow.  Here are a few photos that I took this morning.  It was quick since it is still so cold outside.

How is it where you live?  I know some places around the country are a lot worse than us in terms of snow, ice, etc.  And, there are others that are nice and warm.

We are having a nice day at home so far and are not sure when we will be able to get out.  Right now, it is too cold and dangerous. Thankfully we have what we need so far.  I just hope and pray that will continue.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAToday I thankful for:

  • Underground utilities and the fact our power hasn’t gone out.  At least not yet.
  • Movies that we can watch when our satellite service goes out.
  • Piles of library books to enjoy reading.
  • The local radio station for news and music.
  • Our local television reporters and meteorologists who are keeping us informed on our community.
  • Pancakes, bacon, syrup, milk, and hot tea for breakfast.
  • Not having to leave home on a snow day.
  • The fact that so many businesses and schools are closed today. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Line workers who restore power that is lost.
  • Road crews who salt and brine the roads.
  • Tow truck drivers who respond during accidents.
  • Police officers who respond when needed.
  • Fire fighters who ensure our safety.
  • Paramedics who restore life and keep us safe.
  • Doctors and nurses working at hospitals throughout the night.

I wonder when the ice and snow will begin to melt?  Not sure if it will be today or not.  Could be a long week at home.  Here’s hoping and praying that power stays on and that trees don’t break.