Throwback Thursday – Piano Playing

1598Hi and Happy Thursday.  I came across this photo of myself a while back. It thought it would be fun to share today.  It cracks me up since I seem to be trying to read the music and touching the keys. I must have watched my aunt and some other people to know what to do.

I have always loved music and apparently at this age, loved trying to play some music.  Who knew how it sounded?  I love the smile on my face and how happy I seem to be.  Music has always provided so many emotions and meant so much to me.

This was the piano at my grandparents’ beach house.  It was well-loved and used a lot over the years.  We regularly had sing-alongs there and my aunt would always play the piano for us.  She often played with no sheet music and has always amazed me with that ability.

I have enjoyed playing for years but always got in trouble with my piano teacher for not practicing enough. She was also our organist at church for many years so I saw her several times a week. You would think that the constant reminding would have made me more willing to practice, but no.  It was, in fact, a constant struggle.

Several years ago, Kirk and I bought an electronic piano with many settings and options.  It is fabulous. I still love to play and still need to practice more.  I have a few books of music that I am working on.  They include favorite hymns, show tunes, and Christmas music.  It is fun and something I still need to do more of.

I want Ian to learn to play the piano too.  He has a good ear for music and enjoys touching the keys of our piano.  When he tries, it actually doesn’t sound too bad.  I have a guide to help with the name of each key.  He, like me, will need to practice, practice, practice.  For now, it is still just a fun activity.

I wonder what song I will be able to learn and how long it will take me?  Hopefully not too long, if I will make the time to practice!!