Random End of the Month Thoughts

Hi and happy last day of August.  Can you believe it will be September tomorrow?  I sure can’t. This month has been a busy one and flew by.  Ian has been in school for a  month now and is doing well.  For that we are truly thankful.

It is hard to believe that this is only my second posting this month.  The one I did two weeks ago doesn’t seem to have been read by many people. Oh well.  I really need to get back to regularly writing and posting.  Here are some thoughts over the last week.

I enjoyed my first PTO meeting this week as an interested parent, not an officer having to do something.  It was different and good.  The PTO at this school is different than last year.  Not as much to do and support but what there is to do is quite important.  Nice to be a part of that.

This weekend is football time in Tennessee.  For those who don’t know, the University of Tennessee is a popular team and many people plan their Saturdays in order to watch the games. Orange and white are the colors of choice for many fans as they are yelling at the stadium or cheering in front of the television.  It is almost a religion here.

In 1998, UT won the national championship game.  It was a big year for UT.  One of the local television stations is airing information about that year’s team, information on each week’s game and the fans.  It has been a great look back.  We hope for a winning season this year for UT.  Last year was rough for them and I hope they are on the rebound.

Also this weekend is Labor Day and a three-day weekend, which is so nice.  We can sleep in for three days instead of our usual two. YEAH!  Ian asked this morning what that day is for.  I told him it is to celebrate workers and also the end of the summer.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

I don’t know about you but I grew up learning that everyone at an office has an important and vital job in the success of the company.  The janitor keeps the building looking nice, the boss leads everyone and all of the worker bees also do their part.  My hope is that we can all appreciate our co-workers and those who provide services to us and for us.

Speaking of hard work and doing their part, you know who has amazed me this week?  President Jimmy Carter.  He is 93 years old and is building a house with Habitat for Humanity.  He and his wife are working together with other volunteers.  He has been busy giving back ever since he left office as president.  He is someone for Ian to learn from.

Another person is the late Senator John McCain who died this week of brain cancer.  This is the same cancer that led to the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, and to Beau Biden.  These men were all mentioned and praised during the remarks yesterday by Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden and McCain had an unusual friendship, especially in today’s atmosphere of hating those we don’t agree with, or ridiculing them.  They were totally different and called each other on it. They had major disagreements but were still there for each other and were friends.  They knew how to laugh and respect each other.

At the funeral in Arizona, Biden said, “I’m sure there’s people who said to you: ‘Explain this guy to me.’ Because, as they looked at him, in one sense they admired him. In one sense, the way things changed so much in America, they looked at him as if John came from another age, lived by a different code — an ancient, antiquated code where honor, courage, integrity, duty, were alive…. truth is, John’s code was ageless…. He’d part company with you if you lacked the basic values of decency and respect.”

If only we could go back to that treatment of each other again. I am so very tired of the idea that the other side is the enemy.  They aren’t.  They are just different in what they think.  They could, however, be considered an enemy if they are out to do you harm.  Egging others on to violence and hate is so very wrong and needs to stop.

I didn’t always agree with Senator McCain on issues but I did respect his service to our country, his time as a prisoner of war, the fact that when offered to be sent home he declined since he wasn’t the first one there, and his love of his family.  He was decent, had integrity, and amazing courage.  And, he never thought of himself as a hero.

These are the traits that I want Ian to have as he grows into manhood.  These are the traits that my husband and I are trying to teach him, trying to model to him, and trying to discuss with him.  We want him to be a man of integrity, honor, courage, love, respect for others, compassion, and so much more.

(All pictures are from Power Point Clip Art). What random thoughts did you have this week?  Please share them.

Random Thoughts – See, Roy G. Biv, Manmade

Note-To_mommyHi and Happy Friday.  Today I have written on a few prompts that I have read about from a variety of sources.  I didn’t want to cover just one so I thought I would include all three.  They are See, Roy G. Biv, and Manmade.

I am posting three pictures — one that was a thank you note that Ian wrote (thus manmade) that I was happy to see and read.  That picture takes care of those two subjects.  The second is of a rainbow that Ian and worked on together — thus Roy G. Biv, and the third is a special quote.


This was a prompt for today from Five Minute Friday.  I decided to bypass the usual rules and just write on the subject.  To be able to see is a true blessing.  I have often wondered what it would be like not to.  I didn’t like that thought at all.

Seeing is something I don’t take for granted.  Ever since 8th grade, I have worn either glasses or contacts so I know my eyes need help.  When I don’t have them on, it is truly hard for me to see anything but fuzzy images.

There are several things that I especially like to see — my husband’s grin and grabbing of my hand as he tells me I am precious to him, my son’s smile as he tells me he loves me and thanks me for something special, and my family and my friends who I love to spend time with.

I also like to see a sunrise over our neighborhood, a sunset into my favorite ocean, the beauty of a rainbow or the starting of spring, a play in action, being able to read a favorite book, seeing a friend’s book be published, and the list goes on.

POD_July.23__I.Drew.ThisROY G. BIV

This was a prompt from WordPress.  Do you know what that name is?  I remember learning this acronym in 8th grade.  It is the colors of the rainbow — Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

I love all of these colors of the rainbow and rainbows themselves.  There is nothing like seeing a rainbow in the sky after a day or two of rain.  It is so lovely and lets you know that things are going to improve.  I remember one of my favorite pictures that is now on a necklace.  It is of a rainbow on top of our family’s beach house.  Talk about special.

Many of you know how important rainbows are to me.  After all, my grandpa’s character who inspired the title of this blog was always trying to find where rainbows come from.  It was his life’s journey to try to find that answer.  Each story ended with Willie scratching his head and saying, “I Still Wonder Where Rainbows Come From.”  Keeping this blog going is my way of keeping my grandpa and Willie alive and their quest for finding answers.


This prompt is from Fat Mum Slim’s Photo-A-Day Challenge.  Our world is full of things made by God and nature and those which are manmade.  I love the beauty of both.   For manmade items: there is beauty in the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a painting by Monet who is my favorite, a photo of my young son by my photographer friend which made me cry when I received it, and a special note that my son wrote for me.

Man has been working on inventions and things to make for many years.  I love the fact that someone invented a toaster, a computer, a camera, a washing machine, a garage door opener, a pen and pencil, a Post-it Note, a staple remover, a hairbrush, a tea kettle, a microwave, and a telephone.  That is just the tip of the iceberg but many things that I use almost every day.

I have often thought it would be great to invent something but what can I come up with?  I will try to think of something. What are some of your favorite manmade items?  What about them is special to you? Are they big like a car or small like a staple?

May you have a wonderful Friday and may you See many things around you, enjoy the Manmade items in your life, and appreciate the colors of ROYGBIV.scan0154

Thoughts and Thanks

Another week has come and gone.  Hope it’s been a good one for you!  Mine has been good but quite busy as most are these days.

I can’t believe it’s already 10 days after Ian’s birthday.  We had been so excited about him turning 5 years old and now we are almost two weeks after the big day already.  My time flies.

Today I wanted to share a few random thoughts from the week and a few items that I am thankful for.


First is a quote that I read a few days ago.  Socrates said, “May the outward and inward man be one.”  This has stuck with me and I have been thinking a lot about it.  To me it basically means to be yourself and be comfortable in your own skin.

I hope and pray that you are comfortable with who you are and what you believe in and stand for.  I also hope that you don’t feel the need to wear masks or hide yourself.  People who are worth knowing and truly care about you will love you anyway.

It is hard, though, at times, to completely put ourselves out there warts and all.  Hopefully we can figure that out as the times present themselves.


Last night as you know was the Vice Presidential debate.  My mother wrote a thought-provoking item on Facebook that I have to mention.  She noticed that the people who support Obama think that Biden did a better job and the people who support Romney thought that Ryan was better.  No surprise there!

Here are a few of her words, “Intelligent, thoughtful people draw opposite conclusions from watching the same debate, because we see the world through our own perspective and we look for an echo of what we believe in what we hear.  We need to remember that we all have the privilege to decide and vote according to our criteria.

“It is time to ask that the Lord’s will be done in this election, and that loving concern for others, civility, tolerance, mutual respect, reason, and a spirit of cooperation will settle upon us as a nation,” was her conclusion.  Well said Mom!!

It was a lively debate and I must say that I really like knowing that so many people are engaged in the process this year and care about voting.  For many years, a large portion of the population hasn’t exercised the right to vote.  I hope that changes this year!

What I don’t like is when people are mean or attack someone who feels differently than they do. I would like to think that people can present their view without attacking someone else’s, but I realize that is quite naive.  I want to echo my mother’s prayer about our attitude and remembering to respect one another.


I love the fall!!  This week we have had to pull out our sweaters when we’ve gone outside and have to wear socks to keep our feet warm.  The weather is changing and with that, the change to gorgeous fall leaves.

Last weekend we made pumpkin spice pancakes on Saturday morning with turkey bacon.  Such wonderful tastes of fall with the syrup on the pancakes!  Ian helped us make this yummy breakfast and it was a blast!

Last weekend, I also had my first pumpkin spice latte and it was DELICIOUS!  Don’t you love the tastes of fall?  I sure do.


There is so much to be thankful for!   I hope you have some items as well.  Here are a few of mine:

  • After putting on a dressy outfit, Ian telling me, “Mommy, that outfit looks great!”
  • Enjoying an autobiography about Dick Van Dyke.  I will be writing about this when I finish it.  I have liked him for years so it is fun to read about his life.
  • Finding inspiration in a quote or a comment that someone has made.
  • Looking with anticipation at my sister’s choices for a photo a day challenge that she is going with some of her friends.  They are very clever and creative.
  • Watching a friend debut on a new television show this week.  He did a great job, I must say.  The show is “Chicago Fire.”  Please check it out.
  • Cherishing a date night with my dear hubby with dinner out and time to shop.
  • Painting my fingernails and toenails with confetti nail polish for a birthday party.
  • Seeing Ian set up and play with his new train set, which he received at his party.
  • Realizing how precious it is to live in this county and be able to think and believe as we want to.
  • Listening to differences of opinion and learning how other people tick (so to speak).
  • Receiving a hug from my son and husband.

May God bless you this coming week!  Hope it’s a great one!!