To My Son and His Generation…

To my son and his generation, his cousins, and his friends, please note that what was on display during the Presidential debate last night is not the behavior we want to see in you, in ourselves, or in these candidates.  And yet, we did. It was ugly and an embarrassment.

Rudeness, bullying, interruptions, and yelling were on display and my blood pressure and stress rose through the roof.  There was very little if any substance to what was said. Instead, we heard lots of blame, lies, and despicable behavior.  It is not an okay way to behave. These adults know better and I think that you do as well.

If you are ever on a debate team, you will have to learn the rules to be quiet for the time that you are not speaking. For example, if one team has a 90 second chance to state their case, you on the other team are supposed to listen and think about how you will respond when it is your turn. And that continues with each team. Clearly, this didn’t happen with this debate. (Pictures are from Power Point clip art)

It has been interesting to see the people who like President Trump think he did a great job and was unfairly interrupted or scolded. Those who like former Vice President Biden think that he was impressive while talking directly to the camera and to the American people and mostly kept his cool. Even in a debate we see things through our own beliefs and who and what we follow.

I think that Trump was interrupted more since he did more talking over Biden as well as the moderator Chris Wallace of FOX News. He was rude and did not stick with the rules that his party and campaign had agreed to for a civil debate.  Biden sometimes lost his cool and said a few things that were out of line or inappropriate.

During and after the debate, I saw postings that Kindergarten teachers should be making more money since they regularly work with those who misbehave. My mother was a kindergarten teacher and let me tell you, she never would have put up with this behavior in her classroom.

She taught the students how to behave, how to speak to one another, and that they are to be respectful and keep their hands to themselves. For misbehavior, her students lost privileges and had to draw a picture of what they had done and what they were supposed to have done. For repeated misbehavior, the students lost access to the treasure chest, which was normally a treat for them.

To my son and his generation, I am curious what you thought.  I know that we didn’t listen to the entire debate, if you can call it that. We had to stop since it was just out of control. The threats, hatefulness, and yelling from people who may be elected to serve the entire country are not okay. They are not the norm. Or at least shouldn’t be.

To my generation and those both older and younger than me, let’s please not let this kind of behavior become the way of our society.  Let’s hold our leaders and elected officials to a higher standard. Let’s learn the proper way to debate from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Justice Antonin Scalia. They knew that you can have a vigorous debate but still be friends. They knew that it didn’t have to get ugly.

Let’s truly listen before we respond. Let’s spread kindness not hatefulness. Let’s not hate. Let’s not teach people to hate. Let’s not buy into fear and doubt. Let’s not lie but tell the truth and know its value.  Let’s not judge others on their differences. Let’s remember how important integrity and respect are to see in us, each other, and our elected officials. And, let’s always, always love.