What a Month!

Playground.4Hi and Happy October.  I just noticed that I haven’t written at all this month.  Sheesh!  I can’t believe that is the third Monday of the month already.  Where has this time gone?

What have I been doing all month to keep me busy?  Let’s see, celebrating a boy’s birthday, having fall break fun and adventures, shopping, eating out, traveling to North Carolina for work and fun, spending time with family and friends, celebrating my mother’s birthday, watching a few movies, working on items for PTO, and so much more.

We just completed fall break and Ian is now back at school.  We had a great time but I took a break from the computer and just enjoyed being in the moment.  It was nice but also a bit strange.  We also had some computer and Internet issues that prompted some of it.  I did, however, start missing my writing.

I love October.  It is my favorite month of the year.  I got married this month and our son was also born this month.  And, it is the birthday of some other loved ones.  So, it is special. And, I love that it is the first month that actually feels like fall.

We enjoy the change in the weather, the chance to wear fuzzy socks again, jackets in the morning, the shorter days and changes in the colors of the leaves. And there is Halloween candy, dressing up, and baking treats. I also like soups, chili, pumpkin spice cookies, pumpkin bread, bonfires, football, and baseball playoffs.

All in all, it is a great month and one that I look forward each year.  You may be wondering about today’s photo.  The photo challenge for today is Tree.  I took this photo last fall and thought it would be great for today.  It is very much fall — after the leaves have fallen off the trees.

Today I am thankful for:

  • A fabulous fall break
  • Taking many photos during our time off
  • Having time at home to relax
  • Holiday creamers for my coffee
  • Extra cuddles in the morning
  • Celebrating my loved ones
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Soup for dinner
  • Reading and relaxing
  • The return of our regular routine

I wonder what adventures this week will bring?  I cannot wait to find out.  Have a great one!

Fun on Friday

Fun_8-12-2016Hi and Happy Friday! Today’s photo challenge is Fun. Here is one take on fun. This is one of my favorite pictures of Ian taken at sunset at the beach many years ago.

I love his facial expression and think he is ready to take on the world and have tons of fun. Or he is ready to dive in.

I love to have fun and enjoy doing so. Sometimes as adult, it isn’t always possible but I do try to regularly make time for fun. With a child, it is easier to be sure to have fun each day.

DSC00210According to Dictionary.com, fun is defined as something that provides mirth or amusement; and enjoyment or playfulness. This first photo embodies that to me. The second one is also fun and a fond memory.

Fun to me is:

  • Watching records be broken during the Olympics
  • Watching a funny movie
  • Reading a favorite book
  • Getting my feet wet at the beach
  • Holding Ian’s hand in the surf
  • Holding Kirk’s hand on walks
  • Swimming at the pool with my parents
  • Coloring with my pencils
  • Completing word finds
  • Talking a walk at the beach
  • Laughing with Ian and Kirk
  • Playing a game of Pounce
  • Playing a board game
  • Pizza night with games and company
  • Time for my dad, his dog, and Ian to be together
  • Helping my mother with the family history
  • Discussing our soap with my mother
  • Spending time watching Ian build Lego creations
  • Laughing until we cry
  • Girls night dinners
  • Time with siblings and our spouses and kids
  • Visits with cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, and grandparents
  • Laughing with old friends
  • Singing along with the radio or favorite song
  • Dancing
  • Watching Ian learn something new
  • Helping at Ian’s school and with the PTO
  • Having time to wander in a new city
  • Browsing a used book store
  • Getting treats from a neighborhood bakery
  • Having special cuddle time
  • Our weekend routine
  • Lazy time at home on the weekend
  • Weekly visits with my parents
  • Walking home from school with Ian

What is fun to you?  Do you try to have fun each day?  I hope you do!  Have a great and fun weekend.

March 26 – I Am Here

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy Wednesday!  Today’s photo challenge is “I Am Here.”

I am spending time on the computer this morning while Ian is at school.  This is the view out of my home office.  It is a lovely sunny day but quite cold. I love our neighborhood and the design of the homes.  It is a fun place to live where we know quite a few of our neighbors.

As I am here, I am thinking of getting my day started and all of the things that I need to do.  As usual, there are many.  And, I am thinking of many dear family and friends on my mind today.  They are in my thoughts and prayers.

Life can often be tough and I am so very thankful to have people in my life who give it meaning.  These people make sharing funny times even better and make the sad and tough times easier by just being together.

Today I am thankful for:

  • The beauty of a sunrise
  • A hug and kiss from my son as he goes to school
  • Saying hello to his teacher and classmates and sometimes getting a hug from a student
  • The chance to eat breakfast with my hubby
  • News and weather updates so I know what the day has in store
  • Checking out books from our city’s library and seeing Ian read them after school
  • Starting to read a new book
  • A toothless smile
  • The ability to write and share my ideas and thoughts with others
  • Taking pictures of lovely scenes
  • Love and acceptance
  • Singing along with a favorite song on the radio
  • Praying with loved ones
  • A cold glass of water
  • A garage that keeps the car warm on a cold day
  • A laundry room that is used every single day
  • Looking forward to visits with friends
  • Sharing a laugh with someone special

I wonder what else I will find to be thankful for today?  I am sure there will be many things.  And, I hope that I can be in the moment today and truly enjoy the here and now.

Hope you have a wonderful day as well!


March 11 – Something Good

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy Tuesday.  Hope you are having a great day.  Here it is sunny and will be nice and warm.

Today’s photo challenge is Something Good.  I am first reminded of the song with that title from “The Sound of Music” movie.  It is one of my favorite movies and a romantic song.

Maria and The Captain sing to each other, “For here you are, standing there, loving me whether or not you should. So somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.”

For my something good, I wanted to include a photo of me with my grandmother.  She is very dear to me and a lot of fun. Also, I think it is something good that we are close as is the rest of my family.  This photo is from January when she turned 93 years old.

Also good is the time our family spends together.  I love the fact we are there for one another through good times and bad times as well.  My grandmother is the matriarch and loves each of us very much.  It is a blessing to be in such a family.

Today I am thankful for:

  • Seeing old photos taken by my grandfather whom I never knew.
  • Laughing with my family.
  • A sunny morning and a walk to school with a sweet boy.
  • My hot tea and breakfast.
  • Friends who I have known for many, many years.
  • A fun night out with family for pizza at a favorite restaurant.
  • Hugs from my son and other family members.
  • Hearing my husband say I love you.
  • Singing along to favorite songs.
  • Hearing and watching the birds outside in the morning.
  • Singing “Amazing Grace” with friends and family.
  • Old photos and new.

May you have a blessed day full of good things!

Nov. 5 — I Collect…Spoons

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Hi and Happy Tuesday.

Today’s photo challenge is of items that we collect.  I collect souvenir spoons.

I have a large collection of collector or souvenir spoons.  I like to pick them up when I travel or have people get them for me.

It is a small souvenir that I usually get with a newspaper or magazine when I visit a place, along with loads of photos.

Here are a few pictures of my collection.

What do you collect?  I’d love to hear about your collection!


October 30 – Wet


Today’s photo challenge is Wet.

I decided to go with a cute picture of Ian from spring 2012.  We sprouted beans that then grew into a plant.

On this particular day, Ian was watering the plant with the hose in his hand.  He got absolutely soaked and as you can hopefully see in the picture, his entire outfit ended up wet.

He had an absolute blast.  Such a fun day.   After we went inside, he took a warm bath and I washed his clothes.

Wet — an usual choice but so many ways to go with it.

We are wet in the rain, tub or shower, our clothes are wet while being washed, the foreheads of people being baptized are wet for a short time. And, we are wet while swimming in the pool or ocean, surfing, and sometimes while fishing.

Whether we are wet or dry, we can have fun and enjoy ourselves.

Hope you have a great day!

July 13 – 4 O’Clock

POD.July.13_4-o'clockHello and Happy Saturday!

Today’s Photo-A-Day Challenge is 4 O’Clock.

At 4 this morning, I was awake and thought about taking photos.  But, I was afraid that I’d wake everyone up.

Thankfully I wasn’t up for very long!  That is never fun to be awake in the middle of the night.

At 4 this afternoon, I may be out window shopping — unless it’s pouring rain.  Then I might be watching Gilmore Girls.  I just don’t know.

I wanted to post something now so I may enjoy my time.   So, I decided to take photos of a few cool clocks at my in-law’s house.

That is my 4 o’clock.  What’s yours?