February 4 – Texture

POD_2.4.TextureHi and Happy Thursday!  Today’s photo challenge is Texture.  And, since it is also Throwback Thursday, I decided on this photo of Ian from years ago.

He was studying a rock and was quite interested in the feel and the weight of it.  He has always been curious and has wanted to learn more.  For that we are truly thankful.

Texture is defined in several ways: (1) the way that something feels when you touch it; (2) the way that a food or drink feels in your mouth; and (3) the various parts of a song, poem, movie, etc., and the way they fit together.

The first definition is the most common one regarding texture.  We touch things to learn more about them.  A lot can be discovered from the feel of something.  A few touches and textures that come to mind are:

  • The feel of sand in my fingers or toes
  • Holding hands during a prayer
  • Drinking ice-cold water on a hot day
  • Savoring an ice cream cone
  • Making a snow ball
  • The touch, feel, and taste of popcorn
  • Holding Ian’s hand as we cross the street
  • The feel of a warm mug of hot cocoa on a cold day
  • The taste of that cocoa
  • Hugs and kisses with my hubby
  • Messy dirt as flowers are planted
  • A stone that Ian found for me at the beach
  • The crunch of a yummy salad
  • The pairing of warm hot fudge and cold vanilla ice cream

There are so many items of texture that we can feel and taste and have in our lives.  I have the texture of a variety of friends and family.  They enrich my life in so many ways.  For that I am truly thankful and blessed.  As far as the texture of songs and movies, I will write about that in a separate blog.

One quote by actor Ralph Fiennes that I found about texture states, “Little moments can have a feeling and a texture that is very real.”  That is so true.  Life is made up of small and little moments that can be special and are not to be missed.  Each day I savor those little moments and know that they will change as life goes on.

Today I am thankful for:

  • Cuddles and chatting before school
  • Breakfast with my hubby
  • Hearing I love you from my guys
  • Saying I love you in return
  • Enjoying dinner with my parents
  • Laughter and fun with friends
  • Sunshine for an afternoon walk
  • Super Bowl party with my family
  • The upcoming weekend
  • Reading books
  • Reading a story that Ian has written
  • Having the ability to feel textures

I wonder if I will pay attention to textures throughout the day?  I plan to do just that.  I will also continue to appreciate the little moments in my life.

X Is For … Xylophone

POD_10.28_X.is.forToday’s Photo-A-Day Challenge is X is for …  My choice is X is for Xylophone.  Here is Ian many years ago playing a small xylophone at the San Diego Zoo.  They have an amazing children’s section with a lot of interactive activities. He really enjoyed this one.

When we were at the zoo that day, Ian had a great time.  In addition to this in the children’s section was a petting zoo.  He loved petting the goats and was very curious about them. Needless to say at the end of the day, he was very tired and went right to sleep.

Ian loves music and instruments.  So the chance to try playing a tune was great fun for him.  In this picture, you can see how much he is concentrating.  He still today enjoys playing the piano and using items around the house to make music.

This year he is enjoying watching The Voice on NBC.  Since much of it is on past his bedtime, we record it for him and watch the next day.  He has comments to make about the singers as well as the judges.  Ian has a really good ear for music.  Of that I am thankful.

Other things that I am thankful for on this rainy day are:

  • A boy who enjoys music class
  • Listening to Ian sing a favorite song
  • Watching and critiquing contestants on The Voice with Ian
  • Cuddling on the sofa with Ian and Kirk
  • Umbrellas and rain coats so we don’t get soaked
  • A garage so I can remain dry after arriving back home
  • A pumpkin spice latte

I wonder what other items we can find that start with X today?  I will be on the lookout.  Have a great day!


August 10 – In My Hand

POD_8-10_In.My.HandHi and Happy Monday.  Today’s Photo A Day Challenge is “In My Hand.”  That’s me in the middle.  I was holding hands at the beach with my mother on the left and my grandmother on the right.

This photo makes me smile since there are so many amazing memories of this beach and being with them throughout my life.  I don’t remember this particular day since I was so young, but I love having this photo.  It is a real treasure.

I am blessed to have quite a few precious photos from my childhood.  I cherish each and every one of them and am so happy for all of those who have come before me in my family.  I have learned so much and hope to carry on the traditions.

Several generations of my family have held hands during prayer time.  We do this before meals and other special occasions.  We normally stand in a circle and join hands.  It is wonderful and full of such love.

There are many things I like to have in my hand.  These include:

  • Holding hands with loved ones during a prayer
  • Holding hands with Ian as we cross the street on the way to school
  • Holding hands with my parents before our meals together
  • Holding hands on a date with my hubby
  • Kirk and I holding Ian’s hands as we walk and then pick him up and swing him
  • The feel of sand at the beach
  • A fish taco and beer — what a yummy meal
  • An ice cream cone on a hot day
  • A pencil before writing a note
  • A pen for my word finds
  • A book that I am enjoying
  • A newspaper that I read to find out the latest community news
  • A large glass of iced water to quench my thirst
  • A hymnal to sing glorious songs at church
  • A camera to capture a special moment
  • A hot cup of tea or coffee on a cold morning
  • A Lego creation by Ian that he wants to show me
  • A magazine for time to relax
  • Chopsticks for a yummy meal
  • Food of various kinds to prepare a special meal
  • Dice that are thrown during a Monopoly Game
  • Cards for Go Fish
  • Dirt in the yard for planting flowers
  • The steering wheel of our car on a Sunday drive
  • My Bible and other study material
  • A crayon to color with Ian
  • A gift of jewelry from my family
  • A photo album of priceless photos

There are many more items than this that I enjoy having “In My Hand.”  What do you like to hold in your hand?

June 3 – Silly

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAre you good at being silly?  We sure are — as demonstrated in this Photo-A-Day Challenge photo for today.   The word for June 3 is Silly.

I took this as a selfie photo of the three of us.  I think I was talking at the time so that is why my mouth is open. My husband had tripped and got that bruise on his head.  Ian was smiling before and after this photo.

As we wore these red noses, we all sounded funny.  It cracked us up as we tried to talk and sounded so very different.  We certainly didn’t sound like ourselves and that made us laugh and be even sillier.

We bought these noses in support of the recent Red Nose Day, a fundraiser for childhood poverty. This is a serious problem that we hope and pray will be changed.  NBC recently had a three-hour special and raised quite a bit of money.

Isn’t it fun to laugh?  I am serious when needed, but there are times that I love to let loose and just laugh and laugh.  Silliness is something I can be very good at.

People say that laughter is good for the soul.  I have to agree and know there is nothing like being silly and laughing.

A few silly and funny things I am thankful for:

  • Sharing a private joke with a friend or family member
  • Giggles with my childhood friends
  • My son’s laugh and joy about life
  • My husband’s sense of humor and wit
  • The laughter of my family
  • Tickle time
  • The ability to make a fool of myself at times
  • Play time for the family
  • Laughing at favorite shows and movies
  • Laughing until I cry
  • Laughing until my sides hurt
  • Laughing until I can’t remember why
  • And then laughing some more
  • Having fun with friends and family

I wonder what silly things we will be doing today?  I am certainly looking forward to finding out!  Have a great one!

May 5 – Red

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy May 5th!  Today’s photo-a-day challenge is Red.  This is one of my two favorite colors. I like both red and turquoise the best.

This photo was taken many years ago of Ian.  He had drawn red marker on his legs.  Thankfully he didn’t get much else covered.

For some reason, he decided to color his legs this particular day, but not a piece of paper.  I still don’t know why.  I do know that it took a while to get all of the paint off his legs and many, many baths.

In addition to his red legs, I like the red on his T-shirt and shoes.  It was a fun outfit and all about the summer.

Red is a vibrant color and is full of passion.  I like to wear it as a lipstick color and nail polish, and on blouses as well. Turquoise reminds me of the ocean and more serene things. I also have jewelry and clothing that is turquoise that I really like.

Together these two colors are lovely. I have a ring that has both colors, which I love to wear. It is my favorite.  I bought it at the beach and hope to find another one this summer.

I wonder what other red things I will find today?  A tomato, a pretty flower, a painting that Ian made? I will be on the lookout for these and so much more!

Photo-A-Day Catch Up #2

Hi and Happy Wednesday.  Today, I have a few more days to catch up on in the April Photo-A-Day Challenge.  April 13 was Paper, April 14 was Up and April 15 is Dinner.

April 13 – Paper

4-13_POD_PaperFor this one, I decided to go way back to one of my favorite notes from Ian.  He was still a little guy so he couldn’t write very much.  He could, however sign his name.

Now he is very good with his penmanship and writes very sweet notes.  He created a special card for me for my birthday.  And, he has something in mind for Mother’s Day.

I cannot wait!!!


April 14 – Up

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAFor April 14, the challenge was Up.  I chose a photo taken during our visit to South Carolina last summer.  We were driving across this amazing bridge.

I liked the height of the bridge and the pending storm.  There is a lot going on as you look up.

April 15 – Dinner

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor this one, I went back a few years too.  Ian was enjoying a special treat  for his birthday.  His expression is great, isn’t it?  He seems to be savoring the hamburger, chocolate milk, and fries.

Now he prefers chicken nuggets to hamburgers.  Some of his faves are cheese quesadillas with refried beans, and chicken teriyaki with rice.

I wonder what we’ll have for dinner tonight?  Not sure, but I am sure it will be something yummy.  Have a great day!

Photo-A-Day Catch Up

Hi and Happy Wednesday.  I am behind on my photo a day challenge.  So here are a few.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAApril 2nd – Building

For last Thursday’s picture, I chose a building that I saw while in Charleston, SC.

There is so much amazing architecture there.  It is a lovely town and fun to visit. We had a great time with my cousins, as we always do.

I turned this into a black and white photo since I thought it looked really nice this way.

What do you think?  What building would you choose?


April 6 — A Shape

I skipped a few days since I couldn’t find my list for the weekend.  Anyway, here is a photo of our plastic Easter eggs for the egg hunt at my parent’s house on Sunday.

We filled 200 eggs full of yummy candy for the egg hunt.   Ian and his cousins had a lot of fun and got lots of great candy.  Fun times.

What shape would you choose?  Square, circle, triangle, octagon?  There are so many choices.


This one was a challenge since there are so many things that are beautiful — a child laughing, a smiling baby, the eyes of a loved one, love between generations, laughing at a joke with a dear friend, a sunrise, a sunset, the Grand Canyon, mountain vistas, and flowers blooming in spring.

I decided to go with a newly budding tree. It shows the beauty of nature and the beauty of spring.  There is new life this time of year and that to me is beautiful.

Again, what would you choose for beautiful?

I wonder what else I will see for a building photo, a shape photo, and a beauty photo?  I am sure there will be plenty of choices.  I can’t wait!  Have a great day.

December 16 – Makes You Feel Merry

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy Monday!  Today’s photo challenge is Makes You Feel Merry.  I took some pictures yesterday at church.  These make me merry since they include items of both Advent and Christmas.

These and the scriptures below remind me of what Christmas is all about.  Ian commented about the photo with the baby in a manger picture in front of the tree, “Aw, how cute.  They have the Baby Jesus.”

Isaiah 7:14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

Luke 2:10-12  And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.

Luke 2:14 “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!”

May you have a blessed day full of merry and fun!


August 20 – Stairs

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAToday’s photo challenge is stairs.

I came across this really cute picture of Ian when he was 2 years 9 months old.

At sunset at the beach, the kids typically climb the tower of sand and steps of the lifeguard tower.  This was done on one of those nights.

He was very proud of himself when he reached the top.  I lightened the photo since I wanted to see his face.

I wanted to include one other photo.

It is from that same summer inside the Point Loma Lighthouse.  My dad helped Ian climb to the top.

Have a great Tuesday!!SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

August 17 – Exercise

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAhh.., A lazy Saturday!  I do enjoy a lazy day.  We have needed it after the busy week we’ve had.  And next week will be even busier since it is the first full week of school.

Ironically with my lazy day, today’s photo challenge is exercise.

Exercise is something that I am working on doing more of.  I have to admit that it is something that has slipped for me for a while.

My favorite exercise is walking — preferably outside at the beach.  But, since I don’t live near the beach, walking around my neighborhood is great!!

I am now walking more so that is helping.  We also have some exercise equipment and I am working with that as well.

Here is Ian trying out his bicycle that we bought for him in the spring.  My husband is helping him. As you can see, he was ready to go!  And, so excited to get his first bike.

It has training wheels ,which is wonderful, a great design that Ian likes.  We just need a helmet for him.

He was dressed up since he got the bike on a Sunday afternoon after church.  He didn’t want to wait to go and change his clothes.

Ian loves being active and doing stuff.  I love that and am trying to keep up with him.

I wonder what opportunities I will have to exercise in the next week?  Plenty with walking Ian to and from school and hopefully a chance to walk in the afternoon with a friend of mine!