Trader Joe’s

I am so excited that there is a Trader Joe’s in Knoxville, Tennessee!

My husband and I went for the first time on Sunday since we needed to grocery shop!  It was a bit of a drive from our house, but so much fun!

Many of the staff members came from other stores around the country which is really cool.  I didn’t get to ask them what they think of East Tennessee but will have to do that.

We did meet one nice man there from Tennessee.  He was honored to be chosen and seems to enjoy his job.  Good for him!

The store was super busy and quite a few items were out of stock.  But, this didn’t bother me since I am glad business was booming!  My fear had been they wouldn’t stay open for very long.  If the last few weeks are any indication, they should be here a while.

I was introduced to Trader Joe’s in San Diego, California.  This was the cool and super healthy grocery store we’d go to while on vacation.  The food we could find there was such a treat and tastes fantastic!!!

They have organic and natural food and the prices aren’t that different from other stores – some are more and others are the same.  Even better is much of the food tastes better than many other places.

On Sunday, being able to bring the groceries home to my house was great!  Until this week, I’d had to bring them home in my suitcase that I was either carrying on the airplane or checking.  They don’t ship their products so you have to go to a store to purchase them.

I am so exited to share with you some of the items I have savored yesterday and today!  Yesterday afternoon and evening, I had their Powerberries — one of the best dark chocolate treats I have ever had — and the mini mint chip ice-cream sandwiches.  This is another favorite since mint chip is my favorite kind of ice cream!  YUMMY!!!!

This morning we enjoyed some of their wonderful low-acid coffee!  It smelled fantastic and tasted even better.  And, I had their blueberries on my oatmeal.

And, for lunch I made Portobello mushroom ravioli with both marinara sauce and alfredo sauce and a salad with grape tomatoes!  Yummy.  Then later in the day, I enjoyed a pear and Havarti cheese for a snack, as well as their kettle corn at a different time.

A day of this fabulous food was such a treat and I am so excited for us to enjoy more items. I will have to pace myself so I don’t overdo it.  You see, I am not sure how often we’ll be able to go and shop there.  But, it is a treat to enjoy the taste of this organic, preservative-free, and additive-free food!!

I do enjoy each time going to this store!  This is one of my favorite places to shop!  How about you?

Have you been to Trader Joe’s?  I do recommend it!