September 9 – On The Wall

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAAnother Monday. And another week.   I hope it will be good.

Today’s photo is On The Wall. Here is an oil painting on the wall of our den.

Schatchzi was my grandparent’s dog.  I don’t remember how to spell her name but it’s close.  I remember her when I was much, much younger.

She had floppy ears as shown in this painting and she was such a little love and often got into trouble.  Miniature Schnauzers are one of my favorite dogs.

This sweet dog was also precious to my grandparents.  This picture hung on the wall of their house for quite a while.

Prior to Grandpa’s death, he took this painting off the wall, wrote my name on the back of it, signed his name, and said “this is for you.”

I nearly burst into tears.  “Why don’t you take it home with you Patti?” he asked.  “Grandpa, I couldn’t.”  “Yes, I want you to have it.”

So, I took it home.  I was blown away by his generosity and so touched that he gave me something that had been so special to him.  At times, he could be very difficult, but I also saw a lot of love and compassion.

Now, this painting hangs in my home.  Ian has asked me about it and enjoys hearing the story of this sweet little dog.  I still look at this painting with happy tears –remembering my precious grandparents who I still miss and their precious dog.

I wonder if my parent’s dog Riley will mean as much to Ian as Schatchzi has to me?  I bet she will!!