We Can Make A Difference!

jarEach person can make a difference in someone else’s life!  No matter how small a gesture it may seem, you can impact someone else.

I have read several things this morning which have truly inspired me.

The first was from a friend who posted a Pay It Forward item on Facebook.  My sister-in-law and another friend then posted this item as well.

It was requesting that the first 5 or 10 people who comment would receive something from them over the next year.  The only thing that these people have to do is do the same for other people!

Isn’t that a fabulous idea?!  I decided to participate so I will be in touch with 5 people over the next year.  Hope to hear from several people once I post this item on my wall.

I truly like this idea of keeping in touch with others and doing something kind for people throughout the year.  May we all try to help one another!!

The second item made me weep as I read this story.  It is entitled, “The Impactful Legacy of a 12-Year-Old Girl and the National Movement She Sparked.”  It was written by Eric Aldeson and published on Yahoo! Sports.

A girl named Jessie Rees started the movement of JoyJars and NEGU (Never Eve Give Up).  Have you heard of these?  I hadn’t until reading this amazing article.

The article states, “Jessie Rees got into the backseat of her parents’ car after another grueling round of chemo and radiation and looked back at the hospital through the window.

“She wondered aloud: Why did she get to go home from the hospital?  What about the other kids? Why weren’t they going home?”

Sadly, as the article states, the reason she got to go home was that her brain tumor was inoperable.   Jessie had another question, “What can we do for them?”

Can you believe that?  Neither could I?  This sweet and young soul was going through her own treatment and suffering major pain, yet her thought was for other kids in the same situation.

So she and her parents started JoyJars, so named since Jessie’s middle name was Joy.  She first assembled brown-paper bags and filled them with trinkets and toys from her house.  They then switched to jars filled with items to hand out to children at the hospital.

The movement has grown since then.  According to the article, in 2012, 47,000 kids received JoyJars.  For more information, please see their site, http://www.negu.org/joy-jars/.

Wow!  That is a lot of children who have received a gift at a very hard time in their lives!  I was stunned that many jars had been given out.

Jessie passed away but sure made an amazing impact!  Thanks to her and her amazing parents for this movement and effort that they started!

I hope that we as adults can learn something from Jessie!  It is so important to think of others and what they may need.