August 1 – Starts With N / Throwback Thursday

Hi and welcome to August!  The summer is nearly over and I can’t believe it.  It has gone way too fast!

POD_Aug.1_Starts.with.NToday’s photo challenge is Starts With N.  I also thought I’d use this one for Throwback Thursday.

Here is Ian napping on my grandmother’s lap.  He was still a baby and very comfortable with Grams, his great-grandmother.

I love that this picture so clearly shows the circle of life.  An older person cradling a new life.

Ian still enjoys his visits with her.  It is so special that she is still in our lives.

Now that he is nearly 6 years old, there are no more naps.  Sadly, now the only time he takes a nap is if he is sick.

Until I had Ian, I didn’t like naps.  When he was little, I’d nap when he did, or at least try to.  As I have gotten older, I have learned to love them.

I wonder what other N items I’ll see today?  Also, what other Throwback items will I come across?  It will be fun to see.

Weekend of Rest

Ian_pirateWell, it’s Monday again.  Seems like we were just here!

This week so far is better than last was and I am so glad of that!  We are feeling better and back to our usual routine.

On Friday, Ian went to his preschool class and was thrilled to be there.  He was out sick the rest of the week so it was nice to have him back.  He had a fun day and was happy to tell me about it when I picked him up!

Then Saturday morning, we went to the birthday part of a girl in his class.  The theme was Tinkerbell and pirates.  Ian dressed up as a pirate and had a great time.  Kirk made him a sword out of a yardstick and paint stick with tape, and we rolled up his pants and used a few scarves for the rest of the costume.  Here he is all dressed up!

It was great!  We received quite a few compliments for our creativity.  It was fun and Ian loved it.  After the party, the three of us went to Ian’s favorite Mexican restaurant.  The food was good as always and our usual waiters were glad to see us.

We then came back mid-afternoon and Ian and both took naps for a few hours.  I hadn’t planned on that but we both needed it.

After we woke up, it was time for dinner and watching the movie Unstoppable.  Ian was fascinated with the train and how fast it went.  It is a great movie!

Sunday was a real day of rest.  I feel bad that we skipped church again but we needed to.  All three of us have been fighting a bad cold for a week and needed a bit more time to rest and get better.

We had a nice breakfast, worked on puzzles, read, watched television, colored in a lighthouse coloring book, had some time on our computers, and Ian made three books of cars, vans, and buses.  We also had a good lunch and dinner.

It wasn’t the most exciting weekend but one where there was time to rest.  All day Sunday it rained, so this morning there isn’t the layer of pollen everywhere. I think that has helped all of us.   Hopefully this week will be better and the pollen will stay away for a while.

I wonder what adventures this week will bring!  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to find out.