August 1 – Starts With N / Throwback Thursday

Hi and welcome to August!  The summer is nearly over and I can’t believe it.  It has gone way too fast!

POD_Aug.1_Starts.with.NToday’s photo challenge is Starts With N.  I also thought I’d use this one for Throwback Thursday.

Here is Ian napping on my grandmother’s lap.  He was still a baby and very comfortable with Grams, his great-grandmother.

I love that this picture so clearly shows the circle of life.  An older person cradling a new life.

Ian still enjoys his visits with her.  It is so special that she is still in our lives.

Now that he is nearly 6 years old, there are no more naps.  Sadly, now the only time he takes a nap is if he is sick.

Until I had Ian, I didn’t like naps.  When he was little, I’d nap when he did, or at least try to.  As I have gotten older, I have learned to love them.

I wonder what other N items I’ll see today?  Also, what other Throwback items will I come across?  It will be fun to see.