Happy Monday – 1st in February

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHi and happy 1st Monday of February!  I just realized how long it’s been since I have posted a blog.  Since last Wednesday.  With a snow day, a day late of school, skipping a day of school for a quick weekend trip, and a busy Sunday, I have gotten behind.  So, today, here are my February 3 Monday Musings.

We enjoyed the snow day as you saw from all of the pictures I posted.  Then on Thursday, Ian’s school started 2 hours late.  They got there almost at lunch time and then had the afternoon.  Despite the short day, he had a good time.

On Friday, we kept him out of school as we had to make a quick trip to see family over the weekend. We were supposed to be going to a birthday party but that had to be rescheduled.  It was fun but a crazy fast turnaround.

On Saturday, we walked around downtown Hendersonville, NC.  We went to our favorite toy store, a few bookstores, a bike shop, a few other shops, and a bakery.  We had a great time and enjoyed being together.  Ian got a new Lego set and was thrilled.  Needless to say, he is very excited about the new Lego Movie, which opens this Friday.

On Saturday night, we had a yummy steak dinner with veggies, salad, and mac ‘n cheese and wine — White Zinfandel.  DELICIOUS!!  This photo is from October when we were in downtown Hendersonville for a car show.  It was a great one and a lot of fun.

Sunday, we came back home in the morning, had lunch with my parents, then went to the library, the grocery store, and then finally back home again to relax.  Watching the Super Bowl wasn’t so relaxing since my team lost.  Oh well.  I enjoyed Bruno Mars in the halftime show and some of the commercials.  Not the greatest but we had fun anyway.

When it was time for Downton Abbey, we switched over to that.  As always, that is a great show.  I enjoy all of the characters and storylines.  After that was Sherlock.  This episode was good but very odd and a bit shocking and creepy in places.  Since I watched the whole thing, I am now tired.  Hopefully I can get some rest later today.

This morning Ian got up pretty well for school.  He was excited and ready to go back.  For that I am truly thankful.  After school, he will be ready to play with his new Lego set again, we’ll have dinner, a bath, and early time to bed.  We’ll be sure to read a book or two before bedtime as well.  Ian loves to do that.

Today, I am thankful for:

  • Watching our son spending hours building a new Lego set
  • Smelling and then tasting treats from our favorite bakery
  • Savoring a homemade steak dinner with a glass of my favorite wine
  • Buying a used book on a fascinating topic
  • Checking out books and videos from the library
  • Deciding the meals for the week and being able to buy the food for them
  • Spending time with my family

May you have a wonderful and blessed Monday!  Thanks for reading my Monday Musings!  Do you have any to share?  Please do.

Happy Monday

Hi and hope you are having a great Monday!

Why is that Monday’s always seem to get a bad rap?  I guess because it’s the first day of the school and work weeks.

Maybe some weeks we’d rather be at home than have to get out and get back into that routine again.  Who knows?

I try to look at Monday as the start of another week of possibilities.  We can learn new things at work or school, can try new recipes for dinner, or plan all of the activities for the upcoming week.  We can also have fun with our friends and family!

Today is the last day of winter so that is something to celebrate.  Spring begins tomorrow!  Yeah! New life and beautiful colors are back on the plants and trees!

My allergies, however, do not like all of the flowers that are blooming, the trees that are budding and the grass and weeds that are growing like crazy.

Yesterday, Ian and I worked in the yard pulling weeds.  We got quite a few out of the flower beds but there are still more to pull another day.  I will have to get the spray to help kill some of them.  Then we’ll have to do the pulling again next week, and the next.

This week, however, actually feels more like summer where I live.  Not that I am complaining, mind you.  But I am not quite prepared for that heat of summer yet.

Last week was strange in that places in Kansas, Michigan, Illinois, and Tennessee were warmer than California.  That is backwards from what you’d expect.

And, many records were broken with high temperatures.  With that, though came lots of thunderstorms and some tornadoes.

You never know what mother nature has in store.  All we can do is appreciate each day as it comes since we have no idea about tomorrow.

I wonder if we can make the most of our Monday and enjoy it?  I know I am going to try to do just that!  Have a good one.