Throwback Thursday – Mommy to Mom

Ian.Saturday.8-14-14Hi and Happy Thursday.  For today’s Throwback Thursday, I decided to post a really old photo of Ian.  He wasn’t even 1-year-old yet.

I decided it would be fun to post one when he was so very young.  We were at a restaurant while on a trip to the beach.  He was ready for some food or to give a wet and sloppy kiss.  He certainly looks ready for one, doesn’t he?

I wanted to remember my sweet little boy since he informed me yesterday on our walk home from school that he will no longer be calling me Mommy.  My how quickly things change.

“I am going to start calling you Mom,” he said.

“When did you decide this Ian?” I asked him.

“Today during school,” he answered.  “I am in first grade now.”

So, I have been promoted, I guess.  I supposed this is good that he is ready to grow up and move on. But I have to admit I have really liked being called Mommy for all of these years.

I have loved my son at all ages and am continually amazed what a great little person he is becoming.  This too is part of the journey.

I almost forgot to mention, as he was getting ready for bed, he slipped and called me Mommy.  YES!!  I suppose it may be both names for a while.  I will enjoy that extra syllable as long as he is willing to use it!

I wonder what he will tell me or call me next?  Should be an adventure finding out.