March Birthday Madness

birthday cakeTis the time of year for March Madness.

For a basketball fan, this is the best time of year.  Are you a fan?  Are you loving all things hoops? Like come from behind wins and the occasional upset?

We are almost to the Sweet Sixteen (top 16 college teams) and then on to the top 8, the Final Four, and finally a winner.

For my family, it’s March Birthday Madness.  Well, not so much madness, but I wanted to tie it into the events of the month.  It is certainly March Birthday Celebration, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Between my husband’s side of the family and my side of the family, we have 8 people who celebrate birthdays in March.  It is always a busy and occasionally very pricey month, but also a fun one!

On Kirk’s side, we celebrate his mother’s birthday, his sister Anne, his brother’s wife Diane, and his oldest brother Pete.  On my side of the family, we celebrate my brother’s wife Beckie, my cousin Dennis, Dennis’s son Justin, and my sister’s daughter Gussie.

I am naming them this way so you know the connection to the two of us.  Unfortunately, we can’t always be with all of them to celebrate but we do always remember them fondly.

This month, Gussie is 13 years old and Justin is 12 years old.  I remember when both of them were babies and now she is a teen and he is one year from being a teenager.  Where did the time go?

These 8 people are very important in our lives as are the rest of the family.  We love them all and are excited to celebrate them!

I also have several friends who celebrate birthdays this month.  Happy Birthday to them as well.

To all of you my friends and family, I want to sing,

  • Happy Birthday to You
  • Happy Birthday to You
  • Happy Birthday Dear Loved One 
  • Happy Birthday to You!

You are all loved, thought of, and celebrated!  Have another great trip around the sun!!

I wonder if I will get to celebrate with all of my people?  I doubt it, but sure wish I could!