Photography 101 – Moment

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERALife is full of amazing moments.  Both good ones and bad.  Today’s Photography 101 prompt is Moment.  I thought this picture would work nicely for that.

I took it several years ago of Ian at the beach. It is one of the first times he was able to stand in the ocean by himself without getting knocked over.  I love how he is watching the water rush over his feet as the waves go in and out.

He was fascinated with the speed of the water, the feel of the waves and the squishy sand.  I loved watching this learnable moment. He has come to love the ocean, the waves, the sand, and all of the amazing colors of the water as much as I have.

Ian has helped me to live in the moment and savor each activity or project that I am working on.  He is very good about living life to the fullest and making the most of each moment.  Kirk and I have learned a lot from him and continue to do so.

A few moments that I am thankful for this morning:

  • Trips to the ocean with family and friends
  • Messy hair and long cuddles
  • Starting the day with my two favorite guys
  • Crisp bacon and hot coffee
  • Hearing “I love you” from my hubby and son
  • Saying “I love you” in response
  • Bright sun on a crisp and cold day
  • Gloves and a brisk walk into the school
  • The anticipation of new library books
  • A warm house

A few quotes about Moment:

  • “Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all that we need, not more.”  — Mother Theresa
  • “For a moment at least, be a smile on someone else’s face.” — Dejan Stajonvic
  • “Anything can happen to anyone at any time and you shouldn’t just live through the days, or you lose them. You should do what you can to enjoy every moment.”– Sarah Brightman
  • “Stop waiting for the perfect day or the perfect moment… Take THIS day, THIS moment and lead it to perfection.”– Steve Maraboli
  • “All it takes is a single moment.” — Alison McGhee
  • “Every moment – something beautiful happens.”– Jay Woodman

I wonder if I can remember to make the most of each and every moment that I have.  I plan to do just that.  To making each moment count!!

5 Minute Friday — Here

5minutefriday5 Minute Friday Word for April 12 is Here  

Today’s topic for 5 Minute Friday is Here.  Here the rules:

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is, like, the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community…

Now GO (and try not to be distracted by Ian sitting next to me singing and cutting out shapes).

I remember a great song in the 1980s with the lyrics, “Here and now, I promise to love faithfully.”  That is one great promise.

I also think of the expression here today and gone tomorrow.  I have heard that said for many years but never really thought about it.  It is an important thing to remember since we have no idea how long we have in this life.

The main meaning for here to me is being present and totally into the life in front of me.  Having a 5-year-old helps me to do that.

Have you noticed how good kids are about making the most of every day?  They don’t waste time thinking about what they didn’t do yesterday or worrying about what tomorrow will bring.  They just wake up and hit the ground running each day.

I think that is a great life lesson for me to keep in mind.  Some days I can get so overwhelmed about what is going on over the next week that I forget to stop and truly appreciate what is right in front of me.

Okay stop.  Times up.  And, Ian didn’t even distract me that much!  Thanks Ian!!

I wonder if I can truly be here and now each day this week?  I am going to do be best to do so!  Hope you can as well.

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