June 3 – Silly

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAre you good at being silly?  We sure are — as demonstrated in this Photo-A-Day Challenge photo for today.   The word for June 3 is Silly.

I took this as a selfie photo of the three of us.  I think I was talking at the time so that is why my mouth is open. My husband had tripped and got that bruise on his head.  Ian was smiling before and after this photo.

As we wore these red noses, we all sounded funny.  It cracked us up as we tried to talk and sounded so very different.  We certainly didn’t sound like ourselves and that made us laugh and be even sillier.

We bought these noses in support of the recent Red Nose Day, a fundraiser for childhood poverty. This is a serious problem that we hope and pray will be changed.  NBC recently had a three-hour special and raised quite a bit of money.

Isn’t it fun to laugh?  I am serious when needed, but there are times that I love to let loose and just laugh and laugh.  Silliness is something I can be very good at.

People say that laughter is good for the soul.  I have to agree and know there is nothing like being silly and laughing.

A few silly and funny things I am thankful for:

  • Sharing a private joke with a friend or family member
  • Giggles with my childhood friends
  • My son’s laugh and joy about life
  • My husband’s sense of humor and wit
  • The laughter of my family
  • Tickle time
  • The ability to make a fool of myself at times
  • Play time for the family
  • Laughing at favorite shows and movies
  • Laughing until I cry
  • Laughing until my sides hurt
  • Laughing until I can’t remember why
  • And then laughing some more
  • Having fun with friends and family

I wonder what silly things we will be doing today?  I am certainly looking forward to finding out!  Have a great one!

Live, Love, Laugh

3Cates.9-2012I saw a photo a morning on Facebook and was inspired.  It stated, Live, Love, Laugh and was on a bicycle near a beach with flowers and two tea cups on a table.

It was beautiful, but I couldn’t copy it to here without a computer problem.

(Actually I tried to and got a threat on my virus protection, so I had to delete it.  I guess what I share on Facebook has to stay there.)

I liked many elements about this photo — including what looks like the beach and ocean in the background — two of my favorite things.

In addition, I liked the flowers, tea cup, and bike.  All of these are great and fun ways to relax.  I love the beauty of flowers, the taste of tea, and exercising on a bike is fabulous.

Instead of that other photo, I added this photo of myself with my hubby and son last summer since we were having fun and full of smiles. That particular day we were living, loving, and laughing.

I think the words are very important to remember!  Don’t you?!

Live — this means making the most of each day that we are given.  After all, we don’t know how long we have.

Having a child helps me to be able to live in the moment, since that is what he does each and every day.

Love — this is equally important I think.

Telling your loved ones that you do love them each day is very important.

As my friend Gordon told me and I remember, never be a grave hugger.  Tell those who love that you do and try not to leave things on a bad note with someone.

Laugh — this is something I enjoy doing and try to each day.

My husband and son make me laugh and so many other people and things do as well.  I firmly believe that laughter is the best medicine.

It is important to surround ourselves with people who make us laugh and bring joy into our lives.  I hope that you do have people like that in your life.  I do in mine and I feel very fortunate.

I wonder if I can remember to Live, Love, and Laugh each day!  I am certainly going to try!!

Here is a link for a blog I wrote on a similar subject last year: https://patticates247.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/pray-often/.