What Would Willie Do?

Yesterday, I went shopping at a used bookstore.  I found a few treasures of books for myself and our son.  We all love books so this was a fun outing for us.  With these purchases, I found a bookmark that states, “What Would Willie Do?”

I started to get so emotional since this reminded me of my grandpa’s character Willie and my grandfather.  My grandpa meant the world to me as did his stories. He would weave amazing adventures and such fun.  We learned a lot from him and were entertained at the same time.

Willie is a favorite.  He is an elf who lives in the woods in a cabin.  He always gets in trouble during his adventures while looking for where rainbows come from.  This blog title is from what he said at the end of each of grandpa’s stories.  “I Still Wonder Where Rainbows Come From.”

In these amazing stories, I remember what Willie would do.  Willie would try to find his answer, have a problem, and need help from his friends along the way.  Isn’t that what we all do in life?  We all have our share of problems and issues, and need our loved ones to help us through them.

This character and my grandpa taught me so much and I am forever grateful for that. I will smile and have fond memories every time I read this bookmark.  I imagine it will mean something to me family too.

I will have to think more about what Willie would do and what Grandpa taught us through those stories.  I think the notion of finding out answers and not settling until you know is so important these days.  We must remember to think, reason, and consider what we believe and what we believe others are telling us.

I still wonder where rainbows and so much more come from.  I have always loved rainbows and all that they mean to my family.  May you be blessed by the beauty and wonder of them and of wondering itself.

On another note — This was supposed to be the month of quotes each day.  My time hasn’t gone at all as I expected.  Computer trouble, online access problems, sickness, and busy times with school and work have led to very little time to write.

I may try again in April for that month, but will have to see how it goes.  Again, if you have ideas for some quotes, please let me know.  Have a great day and happy almost spring!

Too Busy to Write?

TT.Fall.2It seems that I am just that these days, too busy to write.  And, I don’t like that at all.  You see, I love to write and since I wonder about so much, there is always something to write about.

But, there isn’t always time to write.  And, that is something I truly miss.  As you see on the calendar on the right of this blog, there aren’t very many entries for this month so far.  Life has been so very busy lately and only will get busier as the holidays approach.  I just hope to find more time and soon for my writing.

Writers are often told that we need to write each and every day.  But, is 10 minutes at midnight really going to be something that I will even understand the next day?  Probably not.  So, I instead write when I have the time to get my coherent thoughts and questions out.

There has been much to wonder about lately, that’s for sure.  With so much going on in the world, I wonder where we are headed?  Will we remain compassionate or will we say no to people and things because our fears take over?  Do we who have much appreciate it and live thankful and grateful lives?  Or do we take it for granted and complain about everything?

Will we dislike others because they are different than us?  Or can we work to learn about one another and appreciate those differences?  Will we love others and continue to be kind?  Will we complain about the design of a cup when there are children starving all over the world and having no access to water?  Will we exercise our right to vote and not be criticized by those who don’t agree with us?  Will we be able to go to concerts and movies without being fearful?

I have a lot of questions and not many answers.  And that is frustrating.  I hope and pray that we continue to love and help others, yet I know there are those who only know hate, fear, violence, and death.  May they not take over our lives and societies.  May we with love, kindness, peace, and life be able to spread our message as well.

I hope and pray that we can reach out and care for one another.  I also hope and pray that we learn to put our differences aside and not be so mean and hateful towards those who disagree with us.

May we have compassion for each other.  May we be kind.  May we be good examples to our children.  And, may we love.

Path To Willie’s Cabin

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAHi and happy Thursday.  For today’s Throwback Thursday, I decided to post a photo from years ago of Ian walking on the pathway to Willie’s Cabin.

Well, at least this was the place that my grandfather told us that our elf friend Willie lived.  He was the character trying to figure out where rainbows come from.  On his quest, Willie always got into trouble and needed his friends to help him get back home again.

Grandpa would end the stories with Willie arriving back home and pulling candy canes off the trees to give to the children.  Then as they drove away, he would scratch his head and say, “I Still Wonder Where Rainbows Come From.”

I so loved his story telling ability.  He was amazing with the words he used, the visual pictures, the inflections in his voice, and his love of this character.  I felt honored and still do to have known Willie.  Thanks Grandpa for this amazing gift.

My mother and her siblings went to a cabin near this location many years while growing up.  They, their parents (my grandparents, and other friends and family enjoyed spending time there.  It was a favorite activity of the family and we have always heard stories about it.  The property is now a federal park and is still well-preserved.  The memories linger and we visit when we can.

On this particular day when we went walking, Ian wanted to find Willie’s cabin.  Knowing there probably was no such thing, we were stunned to actually find a small cabin.  I cried happy tears at the gift again from Grandpa.  Ian was thrilled beyond belief.  You see, he loves the Willie stories as much as I do, and was so excited to see where he lived.

To my parents, aunts and uncles, siblings, cousins, and the next generation, I am honored to have listened to these stories with all of you and to have shared all that we have.  Love to you all.  Grandpa (and Grandma), you are loved and truly missed.  Your stories will live on.

I too wonder as Willie does about so many things and am on a quest to learn more.  And I am thankful for those who help me along the way.

Random Thoughts – See, Roy G. Biv, Manmade

Note-To_mommyHi and Happy Friday.  Today I have written on a few prompts that I have read about from a variety of sources.  I didn’t want to cover just one so I thought I would include all three.  They are See, Roy G. Biv, and Manmade.

I am posting three pictures — one that was a thank you note that Ian wrote (thus manmade) that I was happy to see and read.  That picture takes care of those two subjects.  The second is of a rainbow that Ian and worked on together — thus Roy G. Biv, and the third is a special quote.


This was a prompt for today from Five Minute Friday.  I decided to bypass the usual rules and just write on the subject.  To be able to see is a true blessing.  I have often wondered what it would be like not to.  I didn’t like that thought at all.

Seeing is something I don’t take for granted.  Ever since 8th grade, I have worn either glasses or contacts so I know my eyes need help.  When I don’t have them on, it is truly hard for me to see anything but fuzzy images.

There are several things that I especially like to see — my husband’s grin and grabbing of my hand as he tells me I am precious to him, my son’s smile as he tells me he loves me and thanks me for something special, and my family and my friends who I love to spend time with.

I also like to see a sunrise over our neighborhood, a sunset into my favorite ocean, the beauty of a rainbow or the starting of spring, a play in action, being able to read a favorite book, seeing a friend’s book be published, and the list goes on.

POD_July.23__I.Drew.ThisROY G. BIV

This was a prompt from WordPress.  Do you know what that name is?  I remember learning this acronym in 8th grade.  It is the colors of the rainbow — Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

I love all of these colors of the rainbow and rainbows themselves.  There is nothing like seeing a rainbow in the sky after a day or two of rain.  It is so lovely and lets you know that things are going to improve.  I remember one of my favorite pictures that is now on a necklace.  It is of a rainbow on top of our family’s beach house.  Talk about special.

Many of you know how important rainbows are to me.  After all, my grandpa’s character who inspired the title of this blog was always trying to find where rainbows come from.  It was his life’s journey to try to find that answer.  Each story ended with Willie scratching his head and saying, “I Still Wonder Where Rainbows Come From.”  Keeping this blog going is my way of keeping my grandpa and Willie alive and their quest for finding answers.


This prompt is from Fat Mum Slim’s Photo-A-Day Challenge.  Our world is full of things made by God and nature and those which are manmade.  I love the beauty of both.   For manmade items: there is beauty in the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a painting by Monet who is my favorite, a photo of my young son by my photographer friend which made me cry when I received it, and a special note that my son wrote for me.

Man has been working on inventions and things to make for many years.  I love the fact that someone invented a toaster, a computer, a camera, a washing machine, a garage door opener, a pen and pencil, a Post-it Note, a staple remover, a hairbrush, a tea kettle, a microwave, and a telephone.  That is just the tip of the iceberg but many things that I use almost every day.

I have often thought it would be great to invent something but what can I come up with?  I will try to think of something. What are some of your favorite manmade items?  What about them is special to you? Are they big like a car or small like a staple?

May you have a wonderful Friday and may you See many things around you, enjoy the Manmade items in your life, and appreciate the colors of ROYGBIV.scan0154

July 23 – I Drew This!

POD_July.23__I.Drew.ThisToday I have Tuesday Tunes and another photo for the July Photo-A-Day Challenge.  For July 23, the challenge is I Drew This!

As my regular readers know, the phrase “I Still Wonder Where Rainbows Come From” inspired the name of my blog and my writings.

My grandfather was a storyteller.  The quote is something often said by one of grandpa’s characters.  This character was always looking for where rainbows come from.  He  would regularly get into trouble during his quest and then need his friends to help bail him out.

Hearing my grandpa weave his tales was fun and an amazing gift.  I thought everyone knew about this layered character.  Later in my life, I found out these were special for my family and our friends.

At the end of each story, this character would scratch his head and say, “I still wonder where rainbows come from.”   This drawing celebrates that.

I have closed quite a few of my blogs with “I still wonder.”   I mention that about the topic I am writing on.  I want to keep this mindset of wondering and learning in my life and my son’s life as well.

I have always liked these stories and wondering about many, many things.  I also know and love that friends and family will help me through the tough times.  This was a great message that my grandpa illustrated in vivid and active stories.

And, I have always loved rainbows!  I remember learning the colors in school – ROYGBIV — Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.  These are all here — although the orange is tough to see.

I wonder what new item will inspire me next.  I so look forward to finding out!  May you find and enjoy your quest!

To read more about the phrase, please see https://patticates247.wordpress.com/welcome-to-my-blog/.


For Tuesday’s Tunes, I wanted to mention the latest in music that Ian has been singing.

This morning he said, “I love Bon Jovi.”  And, he has been singing a few of the songs!

We have a greatest hits CD which includes the great song, It’s My Life.  It includes several parts where Richie uses a special microphone to make modulated sounds.

Ian likes the wah-wahs that he does.  And, he loves to sing the words as well. I love it since they have been one of my favorite bands for years.  I saw them in concert in 1988 and would love to again.

Yesterday, he pretended two of his Hot Wheels firetrucks were members of the band.  One was Jon Bon Jovi and the other was Richie Sambora.  And, his other cars said they enjoyed the concert.

Our family has a new generation which loves this group!  Isn’t that great?

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

July 11 – I Wore This / Happy Birthday Kirk!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHappy birthday to my husband Kirk!  Today is his birthday!!   YEAH!

We are busy for a lot of the day, but there will still be time for our family to have fun and celebrate together.

Here are the three of us several years ago at the beach!  We had fun on this trip and have on several others.  And, we always love being home together and hanging out!

To my love, my best friend, confidant, and wonderful father to our son, I love you so very much!

I have enjoyed this journey around the sun with you.  There have been ups and downs, good and bad, and I am so glad you are my traveling companion!!  Thanks for your love, laughter, and support!

To many more wonderful years together!!  I love you and wish you a wonderful and very special day!!!  Happy Birthday.


Today’s Photo-A-Day challenge is I Wore This.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHere is a picture of my jewelry for the day along with a party hat that we bought for Kirk’s birthday and for our nephew Zachary who had a birthday yesterday.

We celebrated Zach’s 15th birthday at a wonderful dinner out and birthday cookie.  He was a baby the year we got married.  My time flies!!   Tonight we’ll celebrate with a dinner out for Kirk and some wonderful cake and candles.

Also in the picture are two of my favorite necklaces — one that states SRP LUV and the other is a picture of our family’s beach house with a rainbow to it.

As you may know, I LOVE Rainbows and grew up listening to a story about an elf trying to figure out where they come from.  This story was the inspiration for my blog.

These two items of jewelry are very special.  I made the Luv necklace with beads and material from a favorite bead store.  My sister gave me the necklace of the beach house.  On the other side of this necklace is a great picture of our grandparents.  They are the ones who started our love of this house and neighborhood which, thankfully, is still in the family.

I also have some turquoise pieces, my (pretty new) watch and some lovely shell earrings that my sister made for me.  I do love my accessories, as my friends and family can attest to.   They are, to me, what make an outfit!


I also want to wish my brother-in-law Cody a Happy Birthday today!  May you have time to relax and have fun!

My husband and my sister’s husband have the same birthday — just a few years apart.  How cool is that?

A few birthday quotes for the birthday boys!!!

  • “We know we’re getting old when the only thing we want for our birthday is not to be reminded of it.”  ~ Author Unknown
  • “A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.  Enjoy the trip.”  ~ Author Unknown
  • “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”  ~ Chili Davis
  • “In childhood, we yearn to be grown-ups.  In old age, we yearn to be kids.  It just seems that all would be wonderful if we didn’t have to celebrate our birthdays in chronological order.”  ~ Robert Brault
  • “Birthdays are good for you.  Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest. ” ~ Larry Lorenzoni