March 26 – I Am Here

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy Wednesday!  Today’s photo challenge is “I Am Here.”

I am spending time on the computer this morning while Ian is at school.  This is the view out of my home office.  It is a lovely sunny day but quite cold. I love our neighborhood and the design of the homes.  It is a fun place to live where we know quite a few of our neighbors.

As I am here, I am thinking of getting my day started and all of the things that I need to do.  As usual, there are many.  And, I am thinking of many dear family and friends on my mind today.  They are in my thoughts and prayers.

Life can often be tough and I am so very thankful to have people in my life who give it meaning.  These people make sharing funny times even better and make the sad and tough times easier by just being together.

Today I am thankful for:

  • The beauty of a sunrise
  • A hug and kiss from my son as he goes to school
  • Saying hello to his teacher and classmates and sometimes getting a hug from a student
  • The chance to eat breakfast with my hubby
  • News and weather updates so I know what the day has in store
  • Checking out books from our city’s library and seeing Ian read them after school
  • Starting to read a new book
  • A toothless smile
  • The ability to write and share my ideas and thoughts with others
  • Taking pictures of lovely scenes
  • Love and acceptance
  • Singing along with a favorite song on the radio
  • Praying with loved ones
  • A cold glass of water
  • A garage that keeps the car warm on a cold day
  • A laundry room that is used every single day
  • Looking forward to visits with friends
  • Sharing a laugh with someone special

I wonder what else I will find to be thankful for today?  I am sure there will be many things.  And, I hope that I can be in the moment today and truly enjoy the here and now.

Hope you have a wonderful day as well!