After the Storm

“Rainbows apologize for angry skies.”  ~Sylvia Voirol

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” — Dolly Parton

These quotes came to mind yesterday when I saw this picture of a rainbow over the dark New York skyline. This picture was posted on ABC News Online.  Thanks to them for sharing this image with us!

The promise of a new and better day was very fitting for those who have lost so much.

Hurricane Sandy has affected so many people and will be around for a while it seems.  There will be much to clean up and it will take a while before life gets back to normal for millions of families.

I have been watching the coverage on the television and have been stunned and brought to tears by the devastation in so many places.  Wrapping my mind around entire towns under water or sand is hard to do, as is realizing an entire neighborhood was wiped out in a fire.  And, there are the tourist places where ferris wheels, roller coasters, and boardwalks will never be the same.

My prayers go out for all of those who have lost so much — their homes, their towns, their favorite vacation spot, and maybe the life of a dear one.  I can’t even imagine what they are dealing with.

The strength of the people dealing with the aftermath has been amazing to behold.  I salute all of the first responders, the firemen, police officers, members of the coast guard, paramedics, nurses, doctors, electricians, lineman, all utility workers, and so many more people.  These people are running to help others and try to restore normalcy to people and their communities.

Thanks also to the Red Cross for their quick response, FEMA, and the various state emergency response agencies, the National Guard, all volunteer agencies, governors and mayors who have been working with the President in response to this disaster and helping get aid to those who need it.  Collecting items for people has been a great thing to see.  In addition, I have been pleased to see politics put aside, however briefly, to help our citizens rebuild their lives and homes.

Most of the coverage I have been watching has been on ABC News.  These journalists and meteorologists have done a great job in reporting what has been happening.  They have looked defeated and frustrated at times and that is to be understood.  They were out in the worst of this storm to let us know how serious things were.  Thanks to this crew and others who have kept us informed.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I wanted to thank God for the simple things in my life that I sometimes take for granted.  I realize this week, however, how precious these are.

I am thankful for:

  • Running water
  • Heat to stay warm on a cold night
  • A refrigerator keeping milk and cheese cold
  • A telephone to talk with a loved one far away
  • E-mail for updates from others
  • A cup of hot coffee in the morning
  • A yard full of standing trees
  • A hot shower
  • Lights to read my books and Bible
  • The hug of my son and him saying, “Good Morning Mommy”
  • The kiss of my hubby before bed and in the morning
  • A house with no damage
  • A television to track the storms
  • Friends who are well and healthy

If you were directly impacted by this storm, may the Lord be with you as you heal and move on with your life.

I hope that we can all get back to normal and remember to appreciate how truly special normal really is!  God Bless!

On Sandy, Other Things

Hope you’ve had a great week!  It has been a while since I have written.  Things have been busy!

And now this week, 1/3 of the country is dealing with Hurricane Sandy.  This massive storm has been quite amazing so far.  Rain, snow, wind, flooding are the things we will be dealing with.

My prayers are with all of those in her path.  I just hope and pray that the damage won’t be too extensive and there won’t be deaths or major injuries.

Seeing the New York subway system shut down and Wall Street close today are items that rarely ever happen.  You know things are serious when that happens.  And, the airports up the east coast are closed and many flights cancelled.

Last night on the news, with all of the coverage of the storm, they included a story about Halloween and if it will still happen.  I thought that was funny and quite touching that people are still wanting to have life go on as it normally does, despite such a mess.

Lord, keep us safe!


Last night I had the first good sleep I’ve had in a few nights.  Ian has been waking me up each night and staying up for a while, so needless to say, neither of us has been getting much sleep.

These nights made me think of when he was a few months old and sleep was very hard to come by.  Those days and nights were difficult and it was trying to be back to that again.

Thankfully this odd schedule didn’t last very long.  I realize that I need my sleep — at least 7 hours each night to function and to be nice the next morning.

If you are having trouble sleeping, I too hope that you can find some answers very soon!


Over the weekend, I read an update about Malala Yousafzai, and heard about her on the news as well.

Have you heard about her?  This amazing 15-year-old girl was shot in the head by for advocating girls’ education.  She is in England recovering from her injuries. The hospital announced that she was able to stand for the first time and that she is communicating freely and that she is writing.

I was stunned to hear about her and how and why she was shot.  How can it not be okay for girls to learn?  That just isn’t something I can understand but is a reality for so many around the world.

What a brave girl.  I hope and pray that she gets a great education.  And, let us not take that for granted.  Being able to learn and go to school — whether at a school or at home — is a real gift and something that should be appreciated.

Those are just a few of the items on my mind today.  I will be sharing more in the coming week.  May God bless you in your day and keep you safe!