Happy February!

love noteHappy February and Happy Friday!

Can you believe that we are already starting the 2nd month of the year?  I sure can’t!   January went by so fast.  I wonder if the rest of this year will fly by too?!

I am very glad that it is Friday and nearly the weekend!  Should be a fun one too since the  Super Bowl is on Sunday.  Looking forward to the game and the commercials.  It is always a fun evening.

Also in February are the Grammy Awards and the Oscar Awards.  I enjoy those shows as well!  I must admit I don’t know a lot of the current artists but hope to find out more about them.  I also usually don’t see very many of the nominated movies but did see Lincoln and hope to see a few of the others as well.

And, don’t forget Valentine’s Day!  I will have to see what Kirk and I want to do.  The great thing about my husband is that we celebrate each other throughout the year and he has surprised me with flowers on random days.

For this Valentine’s Day, Ian can give out cards to the kids in his class at school.  I will need to get the list of all of the names so we can hand those out.  The beginning of a new era for us!

Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope it’s a good one and lots of fun.

Weekend, photo a day

Hi Friday and hi weekend!  How are you?  It is so good to see you!

I don’t know about you but I am so ready for the weekend!  Hope you have a great one.

We will be busy for part of the weekend but also plan to have some time to relax and enjoy one another’s company.  May you have a great one as well.


Yesterday I started November Photo A Day, which is posted each month by fatmumslim.com.au.  The lady at this Web site comes up with a variety of ideas of images on a list.  My sister and a few of her friends did this last month.  I wanted to try for November.

Here are the first two images for the first two days of the month.  I will share them at the end of each week with you, or sooner.

**November 1 — “Something beginning with “C.”  For this item, I chose Ian decorating Halloween cookies.

This year, Halloween was a lot of fun with Ian.  Throughout the day, he wore three costumes — a race car driver, Super Why (who has the power to read), and a skeleton.

In the afternoon, we decorated cookies for Halloween.  Ian had fun with the frosting, candy, and sprinkles.  This pictures shows him hard at work.

We also went to Ian’s favorite restaurant for dinner.  And, after dinner did trick-or-treating inside throughout the house since he has the sniffles.  As he told me the next morning, “I had a great Halloween with you Mommy.”  I told him that we had a great time with him too!

**November 2 – “Colour.”  For this image I chose to take a picture of a colorful scarf that my sister made me as well as an equally colorful necklace that Ian made with my mother’s help.

She crocheted this scarf out of a multi-color yarn of blues, oranges, and greens.  I can wear it with many outfits and enjoy that each time I do.

They are pretty but look a lot better in person.  I need to work on lighting for the pictures as well as camera angles.  This will be fun to work on as the month of photos continue.

Do you have a favorite color?  I do!  Actually I have two of them — turquoise and red.  The turquoise reminds me of the ocean which I dearly love.  I also love turquoise jewelry and have quite a variety of pieces in my collection.  And red is the color of love and passion.  It is also nice that I almost always get compliments when I wear it.

I have a ring that I bought at the beach years ago that is turquoise and red and it is one of my favorites!

A few of the upcoming subjects will be — “breakfast,” “TV,” “something you do everyday,” and “tree.”  I look forward to the adventure of figuring out what images to shoot and what to write about.  Would you like to join me?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!  Take care.