1st Grade Adventure

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAIt is hard to believe that Ian just started 1st grade today!  It seems like he just got out for summer break. Now, here we are a few months later and it’s time for school to begin again.  The summer went by so fast.

He was so excited this morning for school to start.  I love that he loves going to school.  What a blessing that is!  In his class, there are a few of his friends from last year as well as several new students.

Ian was also excited about getting new tennis shoes and a new backpack.  This photo is one from this morning.  I thought the cropping would be fun and different.

I really hope that he enjoys this year as much as he did last year.  His teacher seems nice and she has a nice classroom.

A few quotes about school and education:

  • “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”  ~ John Dewey
  • “The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” ~ Robert Maynard Hutchins
  • “The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.”  ~ Author Unknown
  • “Often, when I am reading a good book, I stop and thank my teacher.  That is, I used to, until she got an unlisted number.”  ~ Author Unknown
  • “Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”  ~ Malcolm S. Forbes

To all of you with kids going back to school, hope you have a great first day and great school year.  To all of the teachers, principals, and school staffs, my hat is off to you and I thank you for all that you do!!

Throwback Thursday – School Days

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy Thursday!  For today’s Throwback Thursday, I decided to share a photo of Ian’s first day of preschool.  Since school will be starting on Monday, I thought this was a good choice.

On Monday, he will start 1st grade.  He has grown quite a bit since this photo was taken.  My boy now is pretty tall for his age.

In this photo, he had his first backpack.  It was a Cars backpack.  He is on his third backpack for this upcoming school year.  It is Angry Birds and one that he picked.

It is hard to believe that he is about to embark on 1st grade.  He is excited and so am I.   Well, I am mostly happy, but having a hard time with Ian’s second full year of school.  He is still my baby after all.

I bought all of our school supplies a few days ago.  We will take them on the first day.  Very soon, we will soon find out who his teacher is.  Exciting times!

Now for trying to get his bedtime earlier.  That is the challenge for the rest of the week.  Ian has enjoyed staying up way past his school bedtime this summer.

Last night he went to bed earlier than the rest of the week, but was still tired this morning.  We have to continue to work on the adjustment.

For everyone with children going back to school this week and next and the coming weeks, my prayers are with you for a great school year and safety for your children.

I wonder what the rest of our last few days before school will bring?  I cannot wait to find out!