Happy Father’s Day to My Wonderful Dad

SRP.42_Patti_and_Bill.1968There is a quote which states, “Any man can be a father, it takes someone special to be a dad.” — Author Unknown

That is my dad — special and unique!  Happy Father’s Day to you Dad!

I am sad that we can’t be together to celebrate this special day for you.  Please know that I am thinking of you and look forward to a celebration very soon!

I thank the Lord for my dad!  He has taught me so much and is so loving!

Here I am with Dad in Mission Beach, California when I was a baby.  I loved the water and sand then and still love it today.  And, as I written before, I have many great pictures and memories of my dad with me and my family as well as with dad and the next generation.   That is truly special!

SRP.72.Bill.Mairzy.Patti.late1960sThis next picture was on the porch of the beach house when I was a little older.  I am pictured with both my parents.

This house has always been like a second home to our family.  We are so very blessed to have this location.  Thanks to both of my parents for enabling us to be able to have these vacations.  They are such a huge part of my childhood memories!

Patti_Dad_2006This photo is of the two of us in 2006 at the San Diego airport.  As you can see, the family really loves that city in California.

Dad has always loved me and my brother and sister and for that I am truly and deeply thankful.

One time when I was in college a friend of mine told me how unusual it was that dad truly listened to me and my siblings.  Until hearing that, I had taken him and his attention for granted.  It is sad to realize that not all kids have that.

I was and still am so fortunate to have a great relationship with my dad.  We live only 30 minutes away from one another so there are lots of get-togethers and I love that.

Dad is one of Ian’s favorite people to play with since Dad gets on the floor with him and is at Ian’s level.  It is beautiful to watch.

My dad truly knows what is important in life and savors the time he has with his family.  He is kind, patient, loving, very intelligent, caring, concerned about others, enjoys reading, drinking his morning coffee, biking, traveling, watching sports, playing with and walking his new dog Riley, listening to and singing music, eating ice cream, and is interested in current events.

He had two amazing careers and was wonderful with all of his co-workers or students.  I worked in the same building as him for several years.  It was an honor to talk with my co-workers about him.  They thought the world of him and how fair he was with everyone.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERANow he is crazy about all 5 of his grandkids.  He loves to play with them and interact in their various activities.  In this picture, he and Ian were enjoying smores together.

Thanks Dad for being you!  I am so very blessed to now be friends with you and have you be a fantastic grandpa to my son.

Thanks also for loving Mom, Cindy, Richmond, and me so much.  Thank you to for welcoming your daughter-in-law and two sons-in-law and all of the kids. You have truly taught us the model of a fine man, husband, father, and grandfather!


Happy Father’s Day also to my wonderful brother Richmond who I love very much!  Also, to my father-in-law, cousins, brothers-in-law, uncles, and friends, Happy Father’s Day.   And, another special wish to my husband, Kirk.  Yesterday, I wrote a special Dad’s Day wish to him.

For those who have lost your fathers, may you remember them fondly.  For those who still have your father, may you be thankful for the time you have and appreciate the relationship.   May you have a wonderful and very blessed Father’s Day!!

Happy Birthday Dad!

“He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” ~ Clarence Budington Kellan

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.”  ~Author Unknown


In two days, my father Bill celebrates his birthday.  Happy early Birthday.

These quotes explained the kind of Dad that he was!  I am so blessed and fortunate to have grown up with such a great man in my life!

The reason that I am writing today about Dad is that Wednesday, October 24, is also my 14th anniversary with hubby Kirk.  I will be writing about him on Wednesday.

Dad was nice enough to share his birthday with us when we got married.  At the rehearsal dinner, we enjoyed a cake which said “Father of the Bride” on it.

Pictured to the right is one of my favorite pictures with my Dad — at least from when I was a very young child!

My father is a very special man and was a fantastic role model and dad growing up.  He enjoyed spending time with the three of us kids — me, my sister Cindy, and my brother Richmond — and he was interested in us and our activities.  He actually and fully listened to us and was engaged in our lives and still is.  What a gift that has been!!

For many years he worked in human resources and we worked in the same building for a while.  It was always fun to talk to people about him and have them tell me what a great and fair man my dad was.

After retiring from that job, he took a year off and had a blast!  He then decided to try a second career in teaching.  He took a year and a half to earn his master’s degree.  He then taught 5th grade at a small school one county over from where he lived.  He truly cared for each and every child that he worked with.

He has since retired from that position as well and now has a lot more time to spend with family — his wife and kids, grandkids as well as his sister and mother. Pictured are Mom and Dad with my family on Easter morning.

I learned so much from my father over the years.  He was always great with money and helped me with a tough patch.  Several years after I graduated from college, I had racked up some debts so I moved back home for a while to help pay them off.  When I moved out, he said, “This will never happen again, right Patti.  We love you but you can’t move back in again.”  That is exactly what I needed to hear!  He was so right.  I then was able to get my financial act together and a few years later met Kirk.

He has taught me too about real love, compassion, caring about others, thinking about life and what I believe in, forgiveness, patience, volunteerism, and how to truly be in the moment with a child.

We were in the Lions Club together and that was a very special bond.  Neither of us have been as active lately, but hopefully that can change.  It was fun to attend meetings and activities with him.

Now he has a ball with all of his grandchildren.  He has five of them ranging in age from 15 to 5 years old.  He gets in the floor to play with Ian and Ian loves time with his Augaguk (the name he made up when he couldn’t say Grandpa).  They have a special bond that is marvelous to see.

I love you very much Dad and so appreciate the man you are!  Hope you have a wonderful birthday!  Thanks again for sharing your special day with Kirk and me!

A few more quotes about fathers:

  • A father carries pictures where his money used to be.”  ~Author Unknown
  • Any man can be a father.  It takes someone special to be a dad.” ~Author Unknown
  • Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.”  ~Author Unknown