Photo-A-Day: November 3 to 7

Hi and Happy Wednesday!  Here are few more images for my photo-a-day project. It has been fun but I am frustrated with my camera.  It is a point and shoot and quite limited with close-ups.  I still, however, am having fun and learning to work with it.  My husband also has a basic camera that I will have to try.

Here are my items stating with today (and then going backwards):

November 7 – “Reflection.”  There were a lot of ways I could have gone with reflection – like the trees and leaves around a pond, a thoughtful look, or a boy making funny faces in a mirror.  That last choice won out.

Ian enjoyed looking at himself in both the large mirror in the bathroom and the small round mirror.  I like this first photo since it captured both of them.

I also added these two other photos that I liked from Ian having fun in the bathroom.  We just forgot to clean off the counter before we took these pictures.

Ian really likes making silly faces and making bunny or reindeer ears with his hands.  These photos capture that silliness quite well, don’t you think?  I do love my funny son.  Each day with him is a real adventure!

When both Ian and I were babies, we stuck out our tongues quite a bit.  And, when we are both really concentrating on a project or a thought, the tongue finds its way out.  I am thrilled that I captured that in these photos.


November 6 – “A Favorite Thing.”  For this picture, I chose two necklaces that have real sentimental value to me.

One necklace has the letters SRP LUV.  I made this necklace at a bead store in honor of my family’s beach neighborhood in San Diego, CA.  Both the neighborhood itself and the people who live there are very special and make the place truly memorable.

This is the beach community where I went as a child and spent time with my grandparents.  They are gone, but new friendships have been made as well as more time with special family members.

The second necklace is an amazing gift from my sister.  One this side is a picture of the family beach house with a rainbow on it.  On the other side is a photo of our grandparents on their honeymoon.  I cried when I received this amazing and very special item.

I wear both of these necklaces a lot and always think of my amazing family each time I do!


November 5 – “5 O’Clock.”  On this afternoon, I was talking to Ian and he said, Mommy can you take a picture of me with those scarecrows?  I told him sure.  We posed the photo next to this amazing grandfather clock.

I have always liked grandfather clocks.  They are made by amazing craftsman or women.  The only problem with this one is that it makes noise every 15 minutes.  This can be difficult at night if I can’t sleep.

And isn’t Ian cute in his race car outfit?  This was given to him by his older cousin and he loves wearing it.


November 4 — “TV” — This is an older television that was more like a piece of furniture.  It is at what was my husband’s grandmother’s house.  I received a lot of great comments from friends and family on this tv.

I remember big and thick televisions were the norm when I was growing up.  Now they are thin enough to hang on the wall.  Amazing how that has changed.

This television still works quite well, which to me is something.  In the picture, you can see Ian watching a cartoon.  He likes the ones on the Disney Channel the best.   Each morning he likes to watch his buddies in their adventures.


November 3 — “Breakfast.”  A long time ago I learned the importance of breakfast.  I try to eat a healthy one each morning.  Of course, that isn’t always the case, but I do try.

As you see in the picture, on this day I had sausage links, cheese, a banana, and a thin bagel with pumpkin spice cream cheese.  I also had a bottle of water and coffee with hazelnut creamer.  YUMMY!!


These were 5 fun days of taking pictures.  I look forward to the rest of the month and more pictures.  Happy Photos!