Amazing Heroes

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHave you ever noticed that a person who is a true hero often feels like he or she isn’t?  The hero is often humble, want no recognition, and says “I’m just doing my job.”

I have seen some stories recently in the news about heroes who have stunned and awed me.  These heroes brought me to tears for what they have done for someone else.

The human spirit is amazing and one of love and compassion.  And, the fact that a true hero often wants no recognition is always surprising to me.

Many in our world today want their 15 minutes of fame and will do many crazy and awful things to get it.  But those real heroes (or sheroes as Maya Angelou once wrote) simply have done something brave or were compelled to help someone else.  I hope that we will have these hearts of love and compassion instead of hate and violence.

Webster’s online dictionary defines a hero as: “a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.”

To me a hero is the following:

  • A fireman or woman who rushes into a burning building to save those trapped inside
  • A paramedic performing CPR in the ambulance on the trip to the hospital
  • A soldier, pilot, seaman and many others who have been called up to fight in a war
  • A soldier badly injured in battle who comes back home
  • The families of soldiers who have been called to active duty
  • A nurse who helps save an accident victim
  • A NICU nurse who stays up all night with preemies
  • Parents protecting their child from harm at their own peril
  • A police officer tasked with keeping a city’s residents safe
  • A teacher helping a hungry child focus on learning to read
  • A teacher who is excited for students to learn
  • Home health nurses who visit and care for the sick and elderly
  • Hospice nurses and doctors who provide comfort to a dying person
  • Doctors who help us when we are sick
  • Doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel who work in countries with little to no medical care
  • A  Cub Scout leader helping boys to learn and grow
  • A youth pastor praying with a troubled young person
  • A cancer patient in the battle of his or her life
  • The family of that patient who is there for every step
  • A pastor counseling a church member
  • Hospital staff members working on holidays when everyone else is having fun
  • The line workers who restore our lights and heat during heavy storms
  • Workers who keep the roads safe for us when weather is bad
  • The bus drivers who safely help children arrive home from school
  • Friends and family who are with us as we grieve

Sadly most of these heroes don’t earn a lot of money.  Yet, they are so important to us and there when we need them.  I am so very thankful for all of these people and all that they do.

What is a hero to you?  I would love to hear your ideas.

Love You Pam and Bob

Patti and PamLife is so very precious!!

This thought crossed my mind last night as I heard about my cousin Pam’s husband Bob.  He’d had a mild heart attack and was at the hospital.

I was concerned, worried, and my mind reeled and the praying began.  Last night, he had surgery to repair his aorta.  As of this morning, Bob is doing well and recovering.  That is truly an answer to many prayers!   And, I must say how relieved I am.

My cousin said that he made quick friends with one of his nurses who later dropped down on her knees and prayed for him.  Isn’t that awesome?!  I sure thought so.  The prayer support for them and their daughters spread like wildfire!!

Pam is one of my absolute favorite people.  We have been close since we were teenagers!  The picture is of the two of us at the beach in San Diego a few years ago.  I love her like my sisters.  And, her husband is one of the nicest, friendliest, and funniest people who I have ever met.

I remember the first time that Kirk and I met him, it seemed like we’d know each other forever.  Have you ever met someone who you instantly clicked with?  We had that instant connection with Bob.

Thanks to the good Lord above, and a great staff of doctors and nurses, and much prayer support that Bob came through this ordeal with flying colors!!  I too am so happy for Pam and their beautiful family.

Love you both so much!!  I am so looking forward to seeing you in a few months and enjoying many laughs!!