Grocery Shopping in the Pandemic Era

Hi and Happy Sunday!  At least I hope it is a good one. This morning, I went to the grocery store.   It was Aldi and it went better than I had expected.  Before going, I didn’t know what to expect in this era of the worldwide pandemic and everyone trying to avoid one another. I told the employees thank you for being there and working so we have the food and items that we need.

I found most of what I wanted and that was a great thing.  However, many shelves were empty of Kleenex, wipes, and cleaners.  They had some but not a lot of toilet paper.  Canned vegetables and bottles of water had limits on how many you could buy — four for the veggies and two sets of 24 bottles for the water.  And bread and some other items were limited.

The store wasn’t crowded and I have to say that was a relief.  I had a hard time deciding to shop and where to shop but ultimately decided to go to this our normal store.  People stayed a good distance from one another and were polite.  I wore my regular winter gloves while I was there. Not sure if they did anything, but it helped not directly touching things.

In addition to food, I found some work gloves that include latex.  I haven’t been able to find the other kind of gloves and wanted to have something.  My city may be shutting down soon so I wanted to be sure that I have what we will need for a while longer.  (Images are from Power Point clip art.)

My shopping took about as long as it took me to clean everything when I got back home.  Before taking stuff out of the trunk of my car, I wiped all items that I had purchased with disinfecting wipes, including the shopping bags, which were recyclable. I left my shoes in the garage that I wore to the store, wiped several parts of the car, and then went inside, and put the gloves in the washing machine.

I then washed my hands and went back outside.  I then brought the food, drinks, and waters inside, washed my hands again, and put them away.  Right after that I took a hot shower.  When finished and dressed, I put all of the clothes in the washing machine on hot.  And washed my hands again.

It was a tough decision this morning to go to the store, but I knew I needed to now before things get worse and I don’t want to leave the house.  In addition, I have ordered a few items that we need for home projects, a DVD of a favorite show that Kirk and I enjoyed, and some items for our growing boy.

Those will be delivered soon and will also be wiped down. Boxes will be left outside and we will be washing hands after touching them as we do with everything that is coming in to the house.  We are wiping down surfaces and doing our best to have a clean house.  I just hope it’s enough.

You see, I have mild asthma and a lot of allergies.  I have had my share of upper respiratory infections and bronchitis over the years.  For months, my son and I have been using OTC allergy medications which help us stay healthy during the high pollen season and cold and flu season. Also, I have an inhaler that I use as needed and nose spray.  I hope and pray that these habits will help us through this.

So much is unknown and being speculated about. We are listening to the numbers, paying attention to the scientists, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. We are also listening to the White House Task Force, Governors, and other elected officials. We are taking it all seriously.  Still, I cannot watch too much or I get overwhelmed with worry and fear.

We normally eat take out and food from drive-thrus and enjoy going to restaurants.  We aren’t doing that now and probably won’t for quite a while. More than a week ago, we got takeout from a restaurant run by family friends. This is one of the few places that I feel comfortable doing that but, that too is on hold for now.

It is amazing the number of people all over the world who are staying at home to try and stop the spread — or at least slow it down until more can be learned about it and until the hospitals can catch up and have all of the supplies that they need.  I am glad to see that we are, for the most part, in this together.

Also amazing are all of the brave and wonderful people who are working outside of their homes so that life can continue on in some form or another.

Here a few of the people who I want to say thanks to (I hope I included everyone) —

  • Nurses, doctors, researchers, EMTs, paramedics, the national guard, our military and civilian forces, first responders, firefighters, X-ray technicians, police officers, janitors, volunteers, bank tellers, journalists, reporters,
  • School superintendents and school boards, principals, teachers, assistants, pastors, counselors, truck drivers, mechanics, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, cooks, servers, clerks at stores, those in transportation and travel,
  • Retail store employees, those who stock the shelves, librarians, civic leaders, plant workers, farmers, mail carriers, utility workers, those advising on how to use technology to communicate with each other,
  • Drivers delivering food and needed supplies, small business owners, financial advisers, accountants, parents, children, families, friends, and our government leaders who are trying to do the best for us.