Job Day In Kindergarten

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy Wednesday.  We are currently enjoying the calm before the snow storm.  They are saying it will be 3 to 6 inches of snow.  I am very thankful not to have the ice and sleet.  My prayers for all of my friends and family who are dealing with that.  May you stay safe and warm!

Today, Ian went to school but they have already announced an early out time.  So that is good.  His class had Job Day today.  The kids were asked to share the job they want to have when they grow up and to dress like that person.

At drop-off this morning, I was able to see the kids’ outfits and they were great.  One boy wants to be a chef, another a policeman, and another a farmer.  The girls that I saw wanted to be a firefighter and two of them wanted to be doctors.  I didn’t see a lot of the kids but the ones I did looked great!

Ian wants to be a Lego Creator.  He has discovered the joy of Lego and has a great time with it. Last night he made a Lego robot to share with the kids and talk about.  It is pictured here with a Lego Mini Figure.  He designed and built the robot himself and did a great job, I think.

I wonder which of these kids will have these jobs when they do become adults or if something else will strike their fancy.  Should be fun to see!

Someone recently asked me, why would you do a Job Day instead of having instructional time?  I said, well this is part of Social Studies and great for their imagination, creativity, research, and future.  This is an enrichment day and something that they will have fun with and remember.  How can you argue with that?

I only wish I was there this morning to hear all of the presentations!  I bet they will be fantastic!!

Art Work by Ian

My son Ian loves to draw and color.  So, I thought I would share a few of his recent creations  with you my wonderful readers.

Note-To_mommyThe first one I wanted to post is a note that he wrote to me.  The note said, Dear Mommy, I am writing this note because I love you.  Love Ian.

I then told him, “Ian, it is so sweet.”  He then said, “I know Mommy.”

Don’t you just love his response? It cracked me up and touched me.  You will also notice that he wrote his name and To Mommy.

Invisible_MonsterThe next picture is his rendition of The Invisible Monster.  We talked about what invisible monster means but he still wanted a picture.  For this one he signed his name.  Next is his Vampire Family Car (Van). Vampire_Family_Car

Don’t you love the smiling animal? And, finally is the picture of Hummy the Hummingbird walking.  Hummy_The_Hummingbird

I hope you enjoyed his artwork as much as I did.

I wonder what creations he will come up with tomorrow?  I cannot wait to find out!

Ian’s Artwork

Hello and Happy Wednesday.  Hope you are having a great week.

Today I wanted to share some of Ian’s artwork with you.  I hope you enjoy it as much I did!

He drew an ambulance, an ant house, and a gas station.  It was fun to watch him draw these pictures and explain what they are.

And, here are a few quotes that I enjoyed:

“Children are happy because they don’t have a file in their minds called ‘All the Things That Could Go Wrong.’” — Marianne Williamson

“Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist after growing up.” — Pablo Picasso

“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.” — Walt Disney