My Gal Friends Rock!

girls 2Yes, I’ll say again, my gal friends or girl friends rock!

They are so very precious to me, yet I don’t get to see most of them very often.

For a while now, we have been splitting our time in two places — one of which includes me with a house full of guys.  It is fun to travel and see another place, but I must admit that after a while, I really miss talking to other women.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with these guys — including my hubby and son — but there is nothing like talking over something with a girl friend.  Gals, you know what I mean, right?!

Here I am pictured with (from left) my cousin Pam, my sister Cindy, and my sister-in-law Beckie.  I am at far left.  We had such a fun visit that summer!!

This week and next are the birthdays of two of my girl friends who I have known the longest.  Jennifer I have known since high school and Dawn since our freshman year in college.  I have written about both of them in other blogs, such as

I love that we are still close and can pick up where we left off with one another!  We can look at each other and laugh about some inside secret or read a posting and instantly have a connection or a shared memory.

A few gals who I have known longer than these two are my dear friends Tammy, a friend since elementary school, and my cousin Pam who I have been close to for as long as I remember, and my sister Cindy who I have known since she was born.

Again, I wish I could be with them more but they all understand and lead their own busy lives.  I just love that we can pick up where we have left off when we talk or see one another.

And, a few dear friends that I worked with through the years are also very special — Karen, Gaye, Michele, DiAnn, Linda, Phyllis, Deborah, Brenda, Angela, and a few others as well.  I have fond memories of each of them.  The cool thing is that I am friends with all of them on Facebook so I can keep up with them!

I am fortunate to also be close to two of my sisters-in-law, Beckie and Diane, and getting to better know another three others — Linda Hope, Linda, and Anne.  They have been fabulous additions to my life and I so enjoy time with this as well.

My wonderful cousins also rock (Val, Chris, Sue, Jen, Marit, Sarah, Robbi, Trish, Tanya and Dawn).  And, I am blessed to have friends from high school who I have planned reunions with and friends from college who I keep in touch with.  All of these great women are so important to me.  I won’t name everyone since I am afraid that I will leave someone out and I don’t want to do that.  In fact, I may already have.  I am sorry!

Just last year I met a few amazing women at a writer’s conference.  Among them, I immediately hit it off with Ann and Vicki.  I saw them this spring again and we had a great visit.  They both have self-published books and inspire me.

There is nothing like spending time at having tea, shopping, going to a movie, dessert, or a restaurant with my girl friends!  Talking and laughing or commiserating and crying are what we can do together.  Each of these moments is truly special.

When thinking about girl friends, I thought of television shows and movies which highlight female friendship.  My two favorites are Golden Girls and Designing Women.  Both of these had four amazing women who were strong, funny, and tightly knit.   And, they cracked me up.

A few more recent favorites are Hot In Cleveland and Sex In the City.  Again four close-knit women — isn’t that interesting?  These shows also make me laugh and I enjoy watching the dynamic of these friends.

Some other shows and movies that I thought of are:

  • Girlfriends
  • Rizzoli and Isles
  • Army Wives
  • Cagney and Lacey
  • Friends
  • The Facts of Life
  • Gilmore Girls
  • I Love Lucy
  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  • Rhoda
  • Steel Magnolias
  • Thelma and Louise

What can you think of?  Are there other shows that I didn’t include?  Please let me and our readers know!!!

What do you like to do with your girl friends?  I also would love to hear from you on this.

May your life be blessed and rich with friendship and dear friends!

I wonder what fun and new things I will be able to do with my girl friends?  Can’t wait to discover!   I also wonder how soon I will see them.  Very soon I hope!

Happy Birthday Tammy!

Tomorrow, December 5, is the birthday of one of my nearest and dearest friends, Tammy.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI guess you could say she is my oldest friend.  We met in elementary school and have been friends ever since.  Here we are after some time at the beach last summer.

When we were little, Tammy and I and our sisters Sonya and Cindy formed a club!  The four us loved to laugh so we thought we’d expand that into this sisterhood.  We lived around the corner from each other so we had lots of play time.

One day I will never forget was in third grade.  Tammy and I were talking in the class.  Our teacher, Mr. Toler, sent us to the closet since we were in trouble.  Instead of being quiet, we moved all of the backpacks out of the bottom of the closet and then continued talking.  I think after that we were sent to the principal’s office.

When we were in the 8th grade, Tammy and her family moved away because of her father’s transfer of work.  For a young girl like me who was painfully shy, this was devastating!  I remember when I found out and how sad I was.

But we have managed to keep in touch and stay friends over the years!  Isn’t that cool?  Even though we don’t see each other all of the time, we still can pick up from where we left off and always have lots to talk about!

When Kirk and I married, I had hoped that Tammy was going to be able to come to the wedding, but she told me over the phone, no.  Then what do you know, she surprised me and showed up on the day before our wedding!  My family was in on it and they all pulled one over on me.

I remember how happy and truly blown away I was.  It took me a while to compose myself after crying some happy tears.  My oldest friend was there on my wedding day.  If only I had known she would be there, I would have had her as one of my bridesmaids.

Now, we are both married and have kids – I have one and she has four amazing kids.  Three girls and a boy.  This past summer we saw them at the beach and the boys had fun playing together and we had fun catching up.

It is never enough time but I am always blessed to have time with my dear friend and see her with her precious family.  The kids are well-behaved and fun to be with.  Tammy’s oldest daughter looks like she did as a child.  And the other kids look like some of Tammy’s sisters.

Having a friend for most of your life is a real and amazing blessing.  I thank God for bringing Tammy into my life and for keeping her there for all of these years.

Tammy, may you have a wonderful birthday!  Love you my friend.  And never forget, AGADKTGA!!!!!!!!!!!

Childhood Friends

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with one of my best friends from childhood.

We were best friends in elementary school and junior high school and had so much fun together.  Then when we were in 8th grade, she moved away.  That was hard on us but we survived and stayed in touch and are still friends to this day.

When Kirk and I got married, she surprised me and arrived for the wedding and rehearsal dinner the night before.  It was great having her there and meant the world to me.

We talked throughout the afternoon and enjoying hanging out together and it was like no time had passed.  We picked up right where we left off the last time we’d seen each other.

Two years ago was the last time and all of our kids have changed quite a bit in that time.  It was so fun to see them interacting and having such fun together.  It is great that the next generation is having as much fun as we always had together.

I am so happy and blessed that she is still in my life.  It is awesome to have known someone as long and as well as I have known her.

Tammy, thanks so much for your continued friendship!  You are awesome.