Four More Days

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAStarting this morning, Ian has four more days left of kindergarten. I am both happy and sad at this idea.  Happy that it is almost summer and that he will be a rising 1st grader.  Sad that our baby is growing up so very quickly.

The year has flown by and he has made some good friends.  He has also really liked his teacher and her assistant.  And, he has liked all of his special area teachers as well.  We have truly been blessed.

I am so proud of all he has learned this year.  It has been amazing getting to watch him learn and encourage him as he has done so.  We have had more blessings that I can count.

The kindergarten students will have a very fun last week.   Today is beach day, tomorrow the music program, Thursday is field day and a picnic, and Friday is pajama and movie day.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  I just wish I could be there all week with him to enjoy all of this.

Today I am thankful for:

  • Making hot chocolate for Ian in the morning
  • Listening to Ian’s thoughts and ideas
  • Playing games with Ian and Kirk
  • Listening to Ian read a book
  • Having Ian assist me in the kitchen while making meals
  • Being able to enjoy the last week of school before summer starts

I wonder if this week will be as fun as I think for him.  I have a feeling that it will.

Another Mommy Mistake

lollipopHi and happy Monday!

Hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was good except for my mommy mistake that I made yesterday afternoon as well as some concerns for a few friends and family who need prayers.

The saying that you should be concerned when children are too quiet is true. I discovered this first hand yesterday.

We had a very lazy afternoon which was great, but I made a boo-boo in leaving Ian too long by himself in another room.

When I went back to where he was I discovered, much to my surprise, that he had eaten the entire bag of sore throat lollipops.   Walgreens sells these. We bought them since he was having some issues with his allergies.  Like me, the pollen has bothered him since it has been so high.

They are great for someone who needs a cough drop but isn’t old enough to just suck on it. With the stick at the bottom of the cough drop, you don’t have that problem.

He probably had sucked on or chewed up 15 lollipops which I wanted to keep for the entire week.  ARGGGG!!!!!  He had placed the wrappers in the trash and the sticks in another location.  I threw them all away.

Needless to say, I was quite upset and mad.  I told him no dessert for dinner and possibly the rest of the week.  And, that he won’t be able to be in a room by himself for a while.

“Will that be until I am grown Mommy?” he asked me.  “No, not that long Ian,”  I told him (while trying not to smile and laugh).

What is it about my child that he can break up such a serious moment with something that I wanted to laugh at but couldn’t? I don’t know about your child, but this one sure can push my buttons and has my number too!

He told me, “I am sorry Mommy.”  I told him well you should be and thank you for saying that.   Hopefully he understands that this wasn’t an okay thing to do.

I realized a few things.  Even though he often acts mature, he cannot be left by himself very long.  He is just 5 1/2 years old, after all.   In addition, I cannot leave out something that will tempt him that is within his reach.  These were my mommy mistakes!

It took a while for him to wind down last night for bed.  Gee, I wonder why, she asked sarcastically?  All that medicine and sugar really hyped him up.

And, you want to know the worse thing?  After all those lollipops, he was still coughing when he went to bed.  Oh well.

I wonder what new lessons I will learn from Ian this week?  I know that it will be something!  Who knew parenthood would be so full of adventure?!!

In addition, I want to lift up my friends and family who are in need of prayer support.   And, hope you have a great week!

Jokes By Ian

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAFor being only 5 years old, my son Ian has a great sense of humor.

Here is Ian pictured in 2011 being a ham at the beach.  He loves to be silly for the camera!

He loves to laugh and loves to be tickled.  In fact, he told me that being tickled makes him happy.   I wrote a blog about that in 2011 — entitled “Tickling Brings Out My Happy.”

Ian is an active and lively boy who likes to have fun.  For that I am thankful.

And, he is pretty good at telling jokes.  Well, at least for someone his age.  Here are few jokes that Ian told me about one month ago.  They may be more questions but he was giggling when he told them, so I did too!!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.  His delivery was great with these — which is part of telling a good joke or funny story.

***What jiggles in a house when people are eating it? —   Jello

***What has two wings, glides across the sky, and has a driver? —  An Airplane

***What skittles side to side, has claws and a shell? —  A Crab

***What buzzes around and has wings and is yellow and black?  —  A Bumble Bee

After telling these jokes (questions) to me, I told him I enjoyed those a lot and that he was pretty clever.  As you can imagine, he grinned from ear to ear.

He then said, “Mommy, I am going to tell you a funny tale,”  which was a tale about someone named Drack Drack who had a long ponytail.  Get it?!

Ian is also good at making up stories and will often tell them to me before he goes to bed.  He has a very active imagination.  I love that he is creative, happy, and loves to laugh.

My son is a real blessing and brings joy to me each day!  I thank the Lord for him.

There is a quote that says Laughter is the best medicine!  I do believe that is true.  Having Ian in my life so adds to that medicine.  I hope that you too have someone in your life who brings you joy and laughter.

A few quotes about laughter:

  • Laughter is an instant vacation. ~Milton Berle
  • Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. ~Victor Borge
  • What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul. ~Yiddish Proverb
  • A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. ~Irish Proverb
  • A good time to laugh is any time you can.  ~Linda Ellerbee
  • Carry laughter with you wherever you go.  ~Hugh Sidey

Happy 5th Birthday Ian!

Five years ago today at 9:44 a.m., a sweet boy entered into our lives.

On October 2, 2007, Ian Cates was born.  He weighed in at 9 pounds 15 ounces — a big baby, that’s for sure.

Here are Kirk and I pictured a few days before he was born.  I was rather large!

After his birth that morning, we saw him for a few minutes before he was whisked away to the local children’s hospital.  He’d had some trouble breathing and held his breath when he got mad.  So, they thought he needed to go.  Needless to say, I was a bundle of nerves.

As a new mom all I wanted to do was hold my baby and teach him to nurse.  That was not to be the first day.  Instead we saw him get into an incubator and leave us.  My heart was broken since that was the first time in 9 months that he wasn’t with me.

Since he was so large, he almost didn’t fit in the incubator since they are normally for preemies.  That was something we were able to joke about later, but not that day that he was born.

Since I wasn’t discharged from the hospital until the next morning, I asked Kirk to go and check on Ian.  He went with my father and his mother.  While they were in the NICU, Ian grabbed his daddy’s finger.  He knew it was daddy.  Isn’t that amazing?!

The next morning I was able to go and see him.  This picture is of me feeding him formula at the hospital.  We worked on nursing but that was to come later.  They kept telling us that he wasn’t eating enough — actually drinking enough.

The first week was a blur and the hardest thing was not being able to have our new son at home with us!  Each day we went to the hospital, scrubbed in, and held him for as long as they would let us.

On Saturday, October 6, he was released and we finally brought him home.  We were beyond excited and little bit scared.  Now, he was ours totally and 24/7 and our responsibility.

The first few months were amazing and daunting, and the most important times of my life!  I was sleep deprived but I had the pleasure of watching a new life grow and change. What a blessing to see.

When he was a week old, we took Ian for his first visit at the pediatrician.  This wonderful doctor discovered that his tongue was attached and therefore, he couldn’t physically suck enough to get an adequate amount of milk.  He then snipped it with scissors and Ian was off and running with his suck reflex.

I was a bit surprised this wasn’t discovered in the NICU, but mainly glad that someone had discovered the problem.

My life has certainly changed since he arrived in our family.  I went from being a full-time professional to a stay-at-home mother that I am still doing today.  I wouldn’t trade any of the last five years for anything!

I have missed my friendships that I made while working outside of the home and some of the creativity.  But now, I am trying to have more contact with people and have this blog for the writing aspect.

Today is all about Ian and spending time with him.  He opened his gifts from Mommy and Daddy this morning and loved all of them.  It was great to see his dimples as he opened the items that he had asked for.  He truly did appreciate them.

Then we ate our breakfast together and watched some cartoons.  He has also had a bath, and soon we’ll be having lunch and then other fun times this afternoon.  We will be making cookies and dinner with my parents.

I saw a quote recently stating that spending time with a child is more important than the money that you spend on them.  That is so true so that is why today is all about the birthday boy.  Just being with him is fun!

Here is a picture from June of this year.  He has grown into a very handsome boy with a lot of fun and joy of life.

Time to get back to birthday fun!  Happy Birthday to my dear and wonderful son!  Mommy loves you very much Ian!

Ian, Willie, and Pirate Day

As a funny show once said, Kids say the darnedest things.

I know that to be true since my son continues to amaze me with what he says.

I love my son, Ian.  He is the one pictured in the new header.  He was investigating the ocean at a young age with hat on and pacifier in his mouth!  He is a lot of fun and full of wise and wonderful thoughts and comments.

To the right is a picture I took of Ian, Kirk, and myself during a recent family outing.  We were having fun and are all smiles in our shades, as you can see.

A few days ago, I wrote about Willie and that I hoped that I could do the stories justice of this amazing character that I’d loved so much while I was growing up.  A dear friend and my sister encouraged me in continuing to let Ian know about him.  And, as I’d mentioned, I have told Ian a few of the stories.

Well, what do you know, I discovered yesterday that just like his great-grandpa, Ian is a story-teller.  I discovered my journal entry from this summer.  It was dated July 19:  “Ian told me a wake-up story about a rainbow-making truck, a guy named Willie, and another truck.  He said that rainbows come from God.  He also mentioned Thin John Little (who was a character from my grandpa’s stories) and that Willie had gotten stuck up in a tree with a parachute.”

Reading this entry made me smile and tears of joy came to my eyes.  Ian had been listening and made up his own take on Willie!  How cool is that?!!!

And, I love that he has an answer for Willie’s constant question of where rainbows come from.  “Rainbows come from God, Mommy,” he told me.

After all those years of hearing that question, in one quick and short sentence, my son has a fantastic answer.  How did he get so smart?  Aren’t kids amazing?!


As you may know, today is the 10th anniversary of Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Yes, it is a real day.  We have been talking like pirates, arg, all morning.

Ian likes pirates — well the cartoon versions of them anyway.  He likes Captain Hook and regularly watches “Jake and the Neverland Pirates.”

In the spring, we went to see “Peter Pan” at the local playhouse and Ian was fascinated seeing the story come to life.  He even got to meet the cast members, but unfortunately not Captain Hook, who was his favorite.

Ahoy mateys.  Should be a fun day of talking like a pirate with a fun boy!  Hope you have a great one too!!


Thanks to all of my followers and those of you who like my blog!  Your interest really means a lot to me!!

I so appreciate the readership and comments from you as well!

A Swimming Adventure

Yesterday was a major milestone for Ian and I am a very proud Mommy!

We went swimming at the pool in my parents’ neighborhood and Ian swam by himself for the first time!

He was wearing swim trunks and one of those floating vests or life vest and Little Swimmers (so there were no accidents in the pool).

He was standing at the steps into the pool with my mom when he discovered his float helped hold him in the water.  Seeing the twinkle in his eye was a wonderful thing! After that he was ready to go.

When he started moving around on his own, he told me “Mommy, stop, let go of me.”  “Okay Ian, but I am still staying with you,” I said.

So we then went around the pool as quickly as his little legs could kick.  He was truly excited and proud of himself that he was able to do something like the big kids.  It was a real honor to watch!!

We’ll still need swimming lessons and need to work on keeping his head about the water, but this was a major first step in his confidence.

Unfortunately my camera battery was dead so I couldn’t get a photo or on video.  But, I will keep it in my memory for a long, long time!  My sweet boy is growing up!!