Breast Cancer Awareness Month

ThinkPinkHi and Happy October!  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  For this month, I will be thinking pink and scheduling a mammogram.  I have had a few in the past but do need another one.

One of my favorite campaigns is called “Save the Ta-Tas.”  Some may find it a bit crass but I like it.

I have family and friends who have had or are currently being treated for breast cancer.  My prayers go out to all of them.  These ladies rock!

For more information on Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please go to

(This photo is from the Power Point clip art.)

October 9 – Pink

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy Wednesday!  Today’s photo challenge is Pink.

Pink is a great color.  My favorite pink is fuchsia – the very bright end of this color.  Soft pinks are nice too.  I especially love pink in the sky during a sunrise or sunset.

I decided on a photo of some favorite toys that are pink.

The one on the right was mine when I was a child.  She is a Bitty Bean doll and is very well-loved.  Ian calls her Baby Pink-Pink.  I played with her a lot and Ian is amazed that she is still in pretty good shape.

The stuffed lamb on the left is Lamby from Doc McStuffins.  Ian got her for Christmas last year, along with her friend Stuffy the Dragon. This fantastic show is about a girl who is a doctor for her toys.  She and the toys helped Ian learn to not be scared of going to the doctor.

The show also teaches the importance of friends and a support system through tough times and when you are sick. We like to play at our house and these toys are part of the fun.

The color pink is in one of the best lines of the fabulous movie Steel Magnolias.  Shelby says that “Pink is my signature color.”

Remember the church for the wedding? “It looks like it was hosed down with Pepto-Bismal,” one of the characters says.  Two colors of blush and bashful were used (at least I think that’s what they were called).

Pink is also a color that you see on a lot of ribbons in October.  This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The color for that is pink.

I have friends and family members who are cancer survivors.  These ladies rock.  They are inspiring and amazing in what they endured. Tough days, tough nights, painful and miserable treatments, and then finally a good report from the doctors. I sometimes wonder if I could have handled it as well as they did.

I have had a few mammograms and had tissue tested but so far no major problems.  What a relief.  But, I realize that if one day, the results aren’t what I want to hear, I will figure out a way through it with my faith, friends, and family.  After all, my friends and family who have had breast cancer are all great now.  That is some major comfort.

A pastor’s wife I know is a cancer survivor.  She has had the opportunity to share her faith and love and support with some women who she never would have known without going through her treatments.  I am so impressed that she took a truly awful thing in her life and made the best of it.

There are so many people who are stronger than they at first realize.  This fine woman is one of those people.  Not to say her journey wasn’t awful, but that she had some positives along with the negatives.

For anyone who has been given a diagnosis of cancer, please know that there is so much that can be done today.  It is something that can be curable.  And your loved ones will be there with you through the path.

One of the local news channels where I live holds a Buddy Check day on the 10th of every month.  They recommend that we do a self breast exam and remind a friend to do so too.  This is tomorrow.  Let’s remember to do our checks.