Throwback Thursday / Random Thoughts

DSC00725Hi and Happy Thursday!  For Throwback Thursday, I wanted to use a photo I really like of me with Ian. This was taken many years ago at the beach.  We were sitting together and looking at something.  We are both very into what we are doing and having fun.

I like that we are both wearing hats and that he is sitting on my lap. I like that this picture captured both of us totally enjoying what we are doing. I love to wear a hat and wish it would come back in style.  This is on of my favorite hats. And a baseball cap on a boy is precious.

Living in the moment is something that he has taught me so well.  I find I can do that more and more with him.  Yes, we do have fun together.


For this blog I also wanted to include some random thoughts.

**This week has been full of ups and downs — from losing a dear person to spending precious time with family and friends.  That was the upside of the memorial service.  We had the chance to catch up with dear family and friends we hadn’t seen in years. Some very special memories were made despite the sadness.  We truly appreciated her precious life.

**My son lost his second front tooth over the weekend.  It is hard to believe that my baby now has permanent teeth coming into his mouth.  This was a week after the other front tooth came out.  Ian placed the tooth under his pillow and discovered the next morning money and a treat from the tooth fairy and no tooth.  He was very pleased.  The tooth fairy has been busy.

**30 years ago yesterday, I was run over by a car and survived.  This wasn’t an April Fool’s joke but something that really did happen.  I still can’t believe it and am so thankful that I had a second chance at life. Two years ago, I wrote a blog about it.  You can read it at . Please check it out.  Have you witnessed or been part of a miracle? Please share with me and our readers.

**Earlier this week, I was re-reading my blogs since I am now in the 400s, in amounts of what I have posted.  I had forgotten some of what I’d written about but enjoyed the trip down memory lane.  When I first started, I was doing more writing and very little images. Lately I have been incorporating photos and photo challenges and writing along with that.  I guess the more I do this, the more places I am finding to be inspired.  I don’t, however, want to get away from the writing since that is my passion and what the blog is really about.

The thing I like about it is that it is similar in style to how my grandfather used to write.  He was my inspiration for this blog. I wanted to highlight a few of my postings from 2011, 2012, and 2013.  I hope you will check them out again or for the first time.

I wonder what subjects, photos, quotes, or people will inspire me next?  I cannot wait to find out!!  Have a great rest of the week.