October — My Favorite Month

I cannot believe that tomorrow is the last day of October.  This month has gone by quickly, has been busy and a good one, and is my favorite month. It is the time of football, the World Series, fall leaves, cooler weather, and pumpkins.

It is also a time for celebrations.  My husband and I got married in October, our son was born this month, and we also celebrate the birthdays of both of my parents, three nephews, and several friends, and the anniversaries of a few friends.

We also had our fall break this month and some down time to enjoy the leaves changing and the cooler weather.  Although at the time of the break, it was still pretty warm.  It is still nice to have a break to enjoy ourselves during the hustle and bustle that school has become.

This was photo was taken a few falls ago in North Carolina. Don’t you just love the colors of those leaves? I sure do. I like the vibrant reds, yellows, and golds.

Along with a lot of fun and happy celebrations, we have also had to say goodbye to some loved ones this month.  I found out that over the weekend, one of my pediatricians had passed away and one of my friends from MOPS also died.  So sad to lose both of these wonderful people.

These losses are bittersweet since they leave behind family and friends and those who loved them so very much.  Both made the most of their lives and I have learned from them.

This month, we also had a school field trip to an interactive STEM museum and a historical center.  Both were fascinating and we learned a lot.  Ian and I enjoyed the day very much, as did his friends.  So many fond memories that I will cherish.

Also in October, I usually end up with a sinus infection or cold.  It seems to happen each year because of the ragweed and changes in temperature.  Sure enough, it did again this year.  I am finally feeling better after a week of being sick and on medication.

On this next to last day of my favorite month, I am thankful for:

  • Warm sweaters and socks
  • Homemade chicken noodle veggie soup
  • Hot tea and hot coffee
  • Naps on the couch
  • Library books
  • Time with my guys
  • Sleeping in on the weekend
  • Family time
  • Birthday parties
  • Lunches or dinners out with friends
  • Family photos
  • School field trips
  • PTO members and activities
  • Halloween candy and costumes, but nothing very scary
  • Hugs and messy hair in the morning
  • Late breakfast on Saturday
  • Watching the World Series
  • 19 years of marriage
  • Our 10-year-old son
  • All that my parents taught me
  • My family
  • My friends
  • Meals and laughs with family
  • Movies at home
  • Ian’s school and all of our friends
  • My many blessings

I truly enjoyed October.  I wonder what the next month will bring?  I am sure a lot of fun activities and more time with loved ones. We cannot wait.

Happy late Birthday Mom!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday was my mother’s birthday!

We had such fun celebrating with her both yesterday and during a family party on Saturday.

I didn’t take the time to write anything then.  But I did want to wish her well and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU online.

I love my Mom and love that we are friends.  She has taught me so much – both as a child and now that I too am a parent. She is a great example for me and I am so thankful for her.

Like me, she loves to read, sing, take photos, spend time with family and friends.  And, she loves her children and grandchildren more than words.

Here are a few pictures of us.  The first one is with her on Mother’s Day earlier this year with Ian. The other two are from many, many years ago.SRP.34_Mairy.Patti.Artha.1968 SRP.72.Bill.Mairzy.Patti.late1960s The first is me with my mother and her mother.  We were having fun at the beach.  The last picture is of me with both of my parents.

Thanks Mom for everything!  I love you very much.

Busy Couple of Days

busyFrom Thursday to Sunday, I was pretty much off the grid as far as a computer goes and out of town so I missed out on a few fun events.

I was at a homeschool convention that I will write more about in a day or so.  It was a great experience but made for some very busy and long days.  Busy, busy, busy!

On Thursday, we drove for 5 hours to the convention location and then worked a few hours that night at our booth.  My son and I traveled together and ate lunch along the way.  After helping with the booth, we ate dinner with Kirk at the hotel where the convention was being held.

That day I missed writing my posting on Thursday Tunes, which I recently started.  This week I will be writing about the movie, “Rock of Ages.”  Please check back with me to read this blog.

I also missed a Girls Night Out with some friends from high school and the chance to say goodbye to a friend who is moving to another state.  I hated to miss this but hope to be able to go the next time we get together.

On Friday, we were at the convention for most of the day and met some amazing and fun people!  It was great seeing all of the families and I must admit, I love to people watch and meet new people so it was a good day.

I did, however, miss writing my Five Minute Friday posting.  I will probably write that tomorrow.  The word is SONG so that will be fun!  I just have to not think about it until I write tomorrow, which may be a challenge.

Friday also was the birthday of one of my dearest and oldest (pun intended) friends.  Actually she is 6 months younger than me.  Happy late birthday to you Dawn! I hope that you had a fabulous day!!  I have some fabulous memories of the two of us celebrating our birthdays through the years.

Saturday, we had another busy day at the convention and met some more new people.  Many new contacts were made and that was great!  That night we went to a Ruby Tuesday for dinner.  Needless to say, Ian was pretty tired and went right to sleep once we returned to our hotel.

While at this convention, we missed my Aunt Beth’s birthday party.  Her birthday was on Saturday.  I hated to miss this since we always have fun with my family get-togethers.  But, we couldn’t make it.  Hopefully I will see her again soon!

Then Sunday morning, we were woken up at 4:30 a.m. by a very loud thunderstorm.  That was not fun, but thankfully Ian slept through it.  We had breakfast, packed up, and headed back home.

At around lunch time, we had to get off the interstate because of a thunderstorm.  The rain was so heavy that I couldn’t see past the hood of my car.  Scary to say the least!  Thankfully, I was only 1 mile from an exit where we had lunch.  Thank you Lord for watching out for us!

As I told Ian, it was like driving through a cotton ball.  He totally got that!  On the way home we stopped at our library and grocery store.  When we got home, we were tired and had to unload the car.   Then it was time to relax.  Ahhh!

Sunday was also my friend Dawn’s son, Kendrick’s birthday.  Happy Birthday to you Kendrick!  Hope you had a fabulous day.

I felt really bad that I missed so much, but this weekend was important for my husband’s family business.  I guess sometimes in life you do have to miss things that you want to do.

All in all, we did have a good time with where we were and made the best of it.

Birthday Blessings

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a great day!

My day started with a very early wakeup call wishing me a happy birthday. After some more resting, my husband and son prepared breakfast in bed for me and we enjoyed that.  What a wonderful way to start the day.

Then I read notes on Facebook from many dear friends wishing me a happy birthday.  Some of these dear people I haven’t seen in years yet they remain very dear and precious to me. Isn’t it amazing that with some people, you can be apart for a while but when you are together, it is like no time has passed? And, you can get right back into the rhythm of your friendship?  I hope that you have people in your life like that.

One friend I have known since elementary school. She mentioned a time that we got in trouble in a class which for the two of us was rare — really it was.  The funny thing is that right before Thanksgiving I saw the teacher at the grocery store. This was the teacher who had us go to the coat closet as punishment (where we continued to talk). It was great to see this man who’d been so important in my younger days. This friend and I have always liked to laugh and continue to do so! A few years ago we had a great time at the beach with our children and hope to get together again!

I heard from another friend who I’ve also known since elementary school. She mentioned making Christmas ornaments at one of my birthday parties and that she still had the ornament and had put it on her tree.  That really made my day! What a fun memory.

Thanks to them and all of my friends and family who gave me such wonderful birthday wishes and songs and kindness. All of you mean so much to me and it was so nice to hear from you!

After we had lunch, the three of us watched the movie Hello Dolly starring Barbra Streisand and Walter Matthau. This was another trip down memory lane and stirred up a lot of memories for me.  I was in the musical  production of Hello Dolly at our community playhouse in the summer of 1984.

It meant a lot to be in this show since a few months before I had been injured in an accident. Another friend and I were run over by a car and a third friend was bumped by this same car and flew through the air. After the accident, I was home from school for three weeks because of injuries all over my body – including having my braces come out (thank the Lord for those or I would have lost the top row of my teeth).

While watching this movie, I thought back to that time and the fact I was so glad to dance in a show after having been hurt just a short time before. I remembered some of the lines word for word and a few of the songs as well.  I mainly was thanking God for me and my friends and the fact that none of us was badly hurt. What a miracle! And watching my son enjoy the music and costumes and dancing and the actors ride on a train added something very special. Needless to say, happy tears were shed!

After that the three of us met my parents for dinner at a Japanese restaurant – some of my favorite food. That was really nice and a fun evening. Then another member of our family joined us and we then came back to our house and had cake and opened presents. Yesterday wasn’t the first time I had celebrated.  A few weeks ago, my cousin and I had a joint birthday party where I received some other very nice gifts and had wonderful times with family. And since then, my son Ian has been singing for me and wishing mommy a happy pre-birthday!

Ian helped me blow out my birthday candles after singing Happy Birthday dear Mommy, happy birthday to you. That on top of the rest of my day was the (pardon the pun) icing on the cake. I am so blessed and so thankful for all of these wonderful people who I know. You all rock!

I am in my mid-40s now and truly appreciate and understand the importance of friends, family and the time I spend with special people in my life. Each day is precious and a real gift.

Thank you Lord for another amazing trip around the sun and another great year full of life, love, loss, and much happiness. I wonder what new adventures await me between now and my next birthday.