A Boy and His New Bike

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERALast weekend, Kirk and I got Ian his first bicycle with training wheels.

Ian had no idea that he would be getting this bike and he was so excited!!

It is a T-Rad Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex) bike with one black wheel and one red wheel.  Ian loved getting this surprise!  You can see how happy he is in these pictures!

He has been riding it quite a bit in the last week and getting better each day.

The next thing for us to get is a helmet for him.  Then he will be all set!GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA  We will try to do that in the next week.  I wonder if they make a helmet to match?  We will have to have him with us to try it on.

The face on the front of the bike can hold a toy or his helmet.  The first day he had, he put one of his favorite toys in the bike and drove him around.  The bike also has a bell. It is just the right height for Ian and he loves it!

I love that he is so excited and now wants to be outside every day to ride it.  Yesterday it was raining and he told me, “Mommy, I won’t be able to ride my bike today.”  I told him “True, but you can the next day.”  So we this afternoon he was out riding again!!!

We still have a lot of practicing to do, which will help his legs get stronger and make it easier for him to ride, but we are on the way.

He looks a bit overdressed to ridge in these pictures. don’t you think?  He got this bike on Sunday afternoon and we hadn’t changed out of our church clothes.  He wanted to ride before he changed what he was wearing and we said sure.  He did, however, change his shoes and was then ready to go.

A boy and his nGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAew bike is exciting and means our boy continues to grow up!  I intend to make the most of each and every minute I have with him.

Childhood is great and enjoying the journey with this sweet boy is fabulous! I feel very fortunate.

And, don’t you just love the look on his face in this picture?  I have to say it was precious seeing him show-off his new wheels.

I wonder if I will have as much fun with this bike as Ian will.  I think so!!!