Each Day is An Amazing Blessing!

1984.Play0002Each April 1st, I wake up and thank God for another year of amazing blessings.  I posted this blog last year and wanted to repost it with a few edits.  You see, back in 1984, I had something happen to me that could have been a very serious accident or worse. This is not a prank or a joke.

On that day, two friends and I were talking after church. We were in the parking lot not realizing what was coming next. The next thing I remember is being dragged on my stomach for what seemed like a long time, being stuck under something, and then being freed. And, I was in a lot of pain — more than I had ever been in before.

I later found out that I was run over and dragged by a car across the parking lot. One friend and I were run over by the car, which moved until it bumped into another car and stopped. The other friend was struck by the car and flew through the air.

At the end of that week I was scheduled to be in a play. This was my first chance at our Junior Playhouse to have multiple lines and a major part. Up until then, I had been in the chorus or had bit parts. This picture was from a publicity shot from that show. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to do it. My sister learned the part in a week and did it for me. She was fantastic.

To this day, I don’t know how two of us ended up between the four tires without more injuries than scrapes and scratches. I also don’t know how my friend who was bumped on her hip didn’t have it shattered or a leg broken. It is truly a miracle. Of that I am convinced.

The worst injury was of a man who was at the church next door to this one and watched all of this happen. I can’t even imagine what it all looked like, nor do I want to. This man fell and broke his hip. Isn’t that amazing?

The car had been racing and when it was put in reverse, it moved very quickly. It didn’t stop until running into another car, also parked in the parking lot. The driver felt awful after this happened. For years I think she lived with the guilt, even thought it wasn’t her fault this happened.

I feel no ill will towards this woman. At the time, many cars were recalled and being repaired for this very problem. I hope and pray that she realized she wasn’t at fault and that all of us were fine. Bumps, bruises and some scars but all in all, not bad.

Clouds_POD_8-15-14I continue to be amazed at the protection and grace of my Savior. I truly felt the presence of a guardian angel that day. I don’t know how else to describe what happened. It could have been so much worse and thankfully it wasn’t.

Do you remember my friend Gordon the paramedic? He is the one who taught me how precious each day is since you never know what will happen. Isn’t that the truth?  When I met him 6 or 7 years after this happened, he told me he remembered that day.

He was working when this happened and helped with taking all of us to the hospital. I was stunned at that. After all, imagine what he’d seen through the years. That particular day, however, was hardly normal for any of us involved.

The most lasting result from this day for me was waiting two years to drive.  At the time this happened, I was 16 years old and taking driver’s ed. After this experience, I was just too scared to drive. Also, I hated parking lots for a very long time. I am still very wary about where I park and think about the safest way into the building.

The other lasting result is knowing that bad things can happen and I will be protected and get through them. Life isn’t easy but the journey can still be a good one. And, I realized how important each and every day is and that my loved ones are who make it all worthwhile. The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to savor each and every day we are given.

Last night, I talked to a friend who I have known since then.  She said she was happy that I survived and had no idea of some of the things I was dealing with. It meant a lot to hear about this from her point of view. I hadn’t really considered how people other than my family were impacted. I have learned as I have gotten older how special each relationship is and to cherish and nurture.

Many wonderful things have happened in my life in the last 32 years. I am so very thankful for each and every one of them. I just wonder if I will keep appreciating all of them and my loved ones as much as I have. I think I will since I give thanks each morning and celebrate each morning. Each day is an amazing blessing.