Sneezes and Coughs

Summer.7-28-2014Ah ragweed.  You are my enemy!  So are your friends grass and mold.

Be gone with all of you!!

Oh rain, where are you?  You could help take care of these allergens!

As you can see, I am frustrated and uncomfortable because of my allergies.  It seems that every fall and every spring, nature gets me.  It is no fun to be allergic to all of these things.

I really do like nature.  However, a few times a year, nature doesn’t like me and my body reacts to those allergens.

I always have a better time of things when I am at the beach.  The breeze from the ocean and the salt water really help me.  Unfortunately, it isn’t practical for us to live there.

So instead, I have to put up with some problems a few times a year.  For example, this week I am sneezing and coughing because of ragweed, grass, and mold. This is a vicious cycle.  We love to be outside, but certain times of year, we just can’t.

So instead, we see our doctor and we stay in, drink lots of fluids, get our rest, and take medications to help us.  Hope we’ll be better soon.

By the way, this lovely photo of nature was taken during our visit to Cypress Gardens in South Carolina.  Such a stunning place.

Take care and hope you stay well.  If you are ill, hope you get better very soon!

Another Mommy Mistake

lollipopHi and happy Monday!

Hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was good except for my mommy mistake that I made yesterday afternoon as well as some concerns for a few friends and family who need prayers.

The saying that you should be concerned when children are too quiet is true. I discovered this first hand yesterday.

We had a very lazy afternoon which was great, but I made a boo-boo in leaving Ian too long by himself in another room.

When I went back to where he was I discovered, much to my surprise, that he had eaten the entire bag of sore throat lollipops.   Walgreens sells these. We bought them since he was having some issues with his allergies.  Like me, the pollen has bothered him since it has been so high.

They are great for someone who needs a cough drop but isn’t old enough to just suck on it. With the stick at the bottom of the cough drop, you don’t have that problem.

He probably had sucked on or chewed up 15 lollipops which I wanted to keep for the entire week.  ARGGGG!!!!!  He had placed the wrappers in the trash and the sticks in another location.  I threw them all away.

Needless to say, I was quite upset and mad.  I told him no dessert for dinner and possibly the rest of the week.  And, that he won’t be able to be in a room by himself for a while.

“Will that be until I am grown Mommy?” he asked me.  “No, not that long Ian,”  I told him (while trying not to smile and laugh).

What is it about my child that he can break up such a serious moment with something that I wanted to laugh at but couldn’t? I don’t know about your child, but this one sure can push my buttons and has my number too!

He told me, “I am sorry Mommy.”  I told him well you should be and thank you for saying that.   Hopefully he understands that this wasn’t an okay thing to do.

I realized a few things.  Even though he often acts mature, he cannot be left by himself very long.  He is just 5 1/2 years old, after all.   In addition, I cannot leave out something that will tempt him that is within his reach.  These were my mommy mistakes!

It took a while for him to wind down last night for bed.  Gee, I wonder why, she asked sarcastically?  All that medicine and sugar really hyped him up.

And, you want to know the worse thing?  After all those lollipops, he was still coughing when he went to bed.  Oh well.

I wonder what new lessons I will learn from Ian this week?  I know that it will be something!  Who knew parenthood would be so full of adventure?!!

In addition, I want to lift up my friends and family who are in need of prayer support.   And, hope you have a great week!