July 31 – Workspace

Hi and welcome to the last day of July!  Can you believe it?

This month has flown by and in two short weeks, my son starts kindergarten.   Wow!  He is so ready and I am getting there.

POD_July.31_Workspace.1Today’s photo challenge is Workspace.

I first included the desk and computer where I write and brainstorm my story ideas.  In addition, I help with my husband’s and father’s business.

They provide educational consulting and I have been helping with the office work.  It is a great arrangement since I can be at home or at my in-law’s home and still be with our son.

And, there is a pretty view of trees and grass out the window.

I have many other work spaces since I am a stay-at-home mom. POD_July.31_Workspace.2This second picture is of Ian helping me make dinner.  That is one of our most important work spaces.

He loves to help make our meals and be part of the family team.  We have talked about the fact that food tastes better when you help to cook it.  It’s cool that he gets that concept.

We could also include the laundry room, his toy room, our favorite reading spot, the table where we color and play games, and yard where he likes to play and help with the yard work.

What is your work space?  An office, a store, a school, or outside?  There are so many places to work.

I wonder if I will appreciate my many work spaces.  I will certainly try.