Tuesday Tunes – The Symphony


On Sunday, we went to the local symphony orchestra’s concert for children.  This is the second year that we have attended this great concert and had a lot of fun.

The theme was Thomas the Train and all things train-related.  Even the songs were about trains. Among them were The Chattanooga Choo-Choo, the theme from Thomas the Train, and a song from the Polar Express movie.

Ian was in his element since he has liked trains for a while now.

The conductor had the kids in the audience blow their train whistles at certain parts of the show.  And, the kids paraded across the stage during one song.  GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Prior to the concert, students could make crafts and watch trains go around on a track.  They also made instruments.

In addition, there was a petting zoo where students could hold the instruments and play them.  Ian had fun trying out two violins and a cello.  You can see the fun he was having.

It was a great way to introduce young people to classical music.  I applaud the conductor and his musicians for doing this.  Bravo!!

The program said that an adult can get a half-price ticket if you take a child under 18 to a concert.  Isn’t that cool? They are doing a holiday concert and we’ll plan to go to that as well.

The other cool thing for the day was the location of the concert.  It was where I used to perform in high school chorus and drama club, and helped with lighting for the city ballet.  It brought back many memories for me.  They have renovated the auditorium so the sound has improved.

Not only was it a trip down memory lane but a fun new time with my family, including my parents who came with us.

Happy Tuesday!

All Aboard!

All aboard… ready for the train to go.

Two days this week we went to train museums.  The first time was a model train museum.  It was great to see Ian’s excitement in looking at all of the small trains that were going around the tracks!

“Look Mommy, they are chugging,” he said.  There also was a room to play with Thomas trains as well as toy trains which went all over the tracks.  Again, fascination with the scenes that were depicted, seeing if it was freight train or passenger train, and finding the caboose.

The second museum was real trains.  The life-size ones that are being refurbished and are huge.  The photos included in the blog are from that museum.

We were able to walk through a post office car, an engine, a train car, and a caboose.  Ian was in awe and in hog heaven!  He kept saying, “Mommy, that looks like the train in the video (from the library).”

As I hope you can see in the above photo from the smile on his face, Ian was quite pleased to be up high in the caboose.  We saw the wood-burning stove, the beds, and a table where the train employees would work, eat, and sleep.

The train cars that we walked through were made of beautiful wood, stained glass windows, and plush seats.  The museum staff which has been refurbishing them has been quite busy and have done great work!

Seeing Ian’s fascination with the big and small trains was a lot of fun and made for a memorable week!

It is something to think about the fact that people used to ride on trains as the main form of transportation.  They would go for days on a trip that now takes several hours on an airplane.

I wonder what it must have been like to travel across the country by train?  I can just imagine the adventures and items that one would see along the way.

Have you traveled this way?  I’d love to hear from you.