August 15 – The Best / Throwback Thursday


Today’s Photo Challenge is The Best.

For this picture, I didn’t know what to do.   Best friend, best time, best food, an award for being the best, best location, best time, best vacation?  What to choose?

You see the list is endless.  I have to say though that the best to me is when my husband and I had our son.  He is such a blessing and so much fun.   He has truly enriched our lives.

And since I wanted to tie in Throwback Thursday, I chose a picture of Ian when he was about 1 year and 8 months old.

In his mouth was his ever-present paci at that time.  And, he was standing on the pier near our beach house.  He was looking through the fence down at the water and the people.

He also may have seen a dolphin and surfers.  He was fascinated with the world around him and still is to this day!

What is the best for you?  I know that we all can come with something that fits that word!

I wonder if I can make this day the best it can be?  I will sure try.