What a Week!

Have you ever had one of those weeks?  A week when you are just glad it’s just over? A week when nothing seems to go as it should? A week when you are out of your normal routine and groove? This week has been one of those weeks.

I don’t mean to complain too much.  Because after all none of us is truly ill or suffering and there is work to be done.  But it is still frustrating when so much seems to go wrong.

Sunday started out fine but before church, our son had a small tantrum.  That made us late but at least we made it.  He then calmed down and we enjoyed a great church service and lunch out.

But then we went to the store where my son had a meltdown. This was worse than the first one. While trying to shop for things we were totally out of – milk, cheese, creamer, peanut butter (our staples), he was crying, sitting in the floor, and being noisy.  I finished as quickly as I could and he finally calmed down by the time we left the store.  My apologies to the other shoppers.  Needless to say I was mortified!

He was tired and had been up too late the previous nights – one night for my Grandma’s 91st birthday party and the other to hear about the Clinton 12 (more on that in a blog this week) and then had a late dinner.  Lesson learned — when we have a special event, the rest of the week has to be early or on-time bedtime.  No exception. Other lesson, next time, we will leave the store and not come back until he is calmed down.  The only upside is that Sunday night he slept for 12 hours.

Monday was a good day and we enjoyed the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.  This was a day to relax and play and read. An amazing man and such an eloquent speaker! I may write a blog just about him sometime.

Then Tuesday was busy with a great visit with my mother-in-law, trip to the library and some other errands, and finally a home owners association meeting that evening.  The day seemed to fly by so I had no time to write my weight loss blog.  That was a bummer.  FYI, my weight has stayed the same this week.  Although I wish I’d lost, at least I didn’t gain any weight!

Then right before I went to bed, I checked something on my computer and it crashed. There seems to be some sort of virus that asked me to buy more to help fix it.  That is a con so be wary! That night, I got almost no sleep.

On Wednesday, our friend who does computer work came over to see how to fix our problem.  He worked a while that day, that evening, and then had to take the computer with him. For two days I was without that computer, but thankfully there is a backup which I am now using! When you are used to having a computer it is very hard to function without one.

Thursday I woke up to clogged ears and a sinus headache.  Last summer I had these symptoms and it turned out to be a double ear infection. Oh well, I will go see the doctor on Monday and see how to treat it. The rest of the day was nice and included lunch with my parents and grandmother.

Friday was a little better but still not feeling very good.  And, I don’t have time for that. You know what I mean?  Today it is raining and a good day to stay in and try to rest.

Actually now that I have written all of this, it doesn’t seem as bad as it did as I was dealing with each day. Just goes to show that you can get totally wrapped up in things! And, that we often can make things seem worse than they really are.

I wonder if next week I can learn to be better about taking each day and each moment as it comes and not getting so rattled.  I am going to try, that’s for sure.