Throwback Thursday – Snow Day

Hi and Happy Thursday.  Today, January 25, I wanted to post a Throwback Thursday photo of Ian playing in the snow.  He was about 2 years old when this was taken.  He loved the snow and playing in it then and still does today.

We had a few snow days recently and had time to play in the snow, throw snowballs, and take a walk.  It was wonderful and just as precious as the day of this photo. We have been blessed by this wonderful soul who continues to amaze us each year.  We continue to be thankful for our family.

Today I am also thankful for:

  • Snow days with nowhere to have to be
  • Hot chocolate and giggles after playing in the snow
  • Toast with avocado for breakfast
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup
  • Movies at home on the couch
  • Days in pajamas and no makeup
  • Messy hair and extra cuddles
  • Working at home
  • Hot tea, hot coffee, and hot chocolate
  • Reading a favorite new book in three days
  • Library books
  • Family photos and memories
  • Time with friends and family
  • Laughter with loved ones
  • Walks home from school
  • Time to play
  • Time to relax
  • An active imagination
  • The wonder of childhood
  • The blessings of childhood
  • My family who taught me about respect, love, and kindness
  • Songs we love to sing
  • The love of learning and discovery

Hope you have a great day!  Hope you have time with your loved ones and stay healthy!  We know a lot of sickness is going around so we pray for health, rest, and quick recoveries.

Enough Already!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHi and happy Tuesday.  Today is our 7th snow day.  I cannot believe it and don’t remember the last time it was like this.  Needless to say, I am beyond over it as many of my friends and family are.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe top picture was my driveway yesterday and the street behind it.  Part of both were cleared off and it was great.  But now, again it is covered in snow.  The road is also mainly covered and starting to turn into slush where people have been driving.  I will have to get out to shovel again but am trying to wait for it to warm up just a little bit.  Not happened yet, but hopefully soon. This second picture is of the yard today.  Pretty, but we are over it.

This week we have dealt with no heat, no hot water, a gutter than has been frozen, then leaking and separating (all the same gutter thank goodness), and the replacement of our gas regulator, which froze up.  Thankfully none of these problems have been very serious or lasted very long.  I have been very impressed with our city utilities and public works and their quick response.  They have kept us from being frozen and miserable. They are working very hard in the crazy elements.  I truly do appreciate each and every one of them.

Despite all of this, there is much to be thankful for.  We have had power remain on.  Thank goodness for underground utilities.  I realize at any time this can change and that does make me nervous but I try not to think about it.  We have Internet access and phones to stay in touch with the outside world.  For the most part, our satellite TV has worked.  I hope and pray that all of these continue as I have no idea how much longer it will be until life is back to normal.

I am also thankful that on Friday we were able to get out and buy too much at the store!  And Sunday, my parents came over for a visit and some help around the house.  Thankfully they made it back home safely before this latest wave came through.  Ian has been a good sport about this despite wanting to go back to school and I am thankful for that as well. In addition, I am thankful that I do part-time work at home. The fact we haven’t had to try to get out each day is such a relief and major blessing!!

A few things I am looking forward to:

  • Seeing green grass again
  • Driving on the road safely without ice or snow
  • Seeing friends and family
  • Going out and doing things
  • Going to Cub Scout meetings again
  • Going to church and singing
  • Having Ian go back to school and seeing his friends and teachers
  • Temperatures above freezing
  • Sunny days when everything has melted
  • Warm breezes
  • Rainy days instead of snow days

I wonder when life will return to normal?  I hope that it is soon.  In the meantime, we are staying busy at home and hoping and praying that everything keeps working!  God Bless!!

Winter Thanks

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis week we have seen three systems of snow, ice, and freezing rain move through.  It has been cold and below freezing for most of the week.  It is unusual weather to say the least and school has been out all week.  You’d think we’d have cabin fever by now, but thankfully we don’t.  Or at least, not much.

For a short time yesterday, we got out and did some shopping and had lunch.  It was nice to be out of the house for a short time and get recharged.  Then last night before going to bed, the snow started again.  We got several more inches of both snow and sleet, and some freezing rain.

Thankfully, however, changes are on the way.  It is supposed to be in the 30s or 40s later today.  Honestly that will feel like spring since it has been so extremely cold.  Despite all of this, we have had a good week and had time to play out in the weather and take a lot of photos.  All in all it has been good.

And, it has made me realize that there are many things that I take for granted.  In extreme weather, these necessities can stop working. These are some items that I am more thankful to have and to have working, and some other things that I am also thankful for.

  • Cold running water that is drinkable
  • Hot water for showers and baths
  • Electricity that turns on lights, the radio, and our computers
  • Gas for our heat that has kept us warm
  • Having a garage that has kept our cars warm and free of ice and snow
  • A refrigerator and pantry stocked full of food and drinks
  • Water pipes that have dripped water all night in hopes of pipes not bursting
  • Cabinets in bathrooms around the house that are open to keep the pipes warm
  • Smoke detectors with working batteries
  • Satellite television that has worked for the most part enabling us to keep tabs on the weather and be entertained
  • A DVD player that played Busytown Mysteries one evening — we all laughed and enjoyed it
  • A stove, oven, and microwave that we have used to cook our meals
  • Telephones for keeping in touch with the outside world
  • Blankets, fuzzy socks, pajamas, scarves, coats, and boots to help keep us warm
  • A school system that puts the safety of kids and adults first
  • Working at home and being able to continue to do so each day

I wonder when the winter wonderland will start to melt?  I hope that it is soon as we are ready for warmer and less messy weather.

Dusting of Snow

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHappy Tuesday.  It seems that much of the country is covered in snow this morning.  We just got a dusting, which made everything so pretty.  Here are a few pictures that I took this morning. Have a great day and stay safe and warm!!GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Snow Day In February

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERALet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow… and it did.  I’m dreaming of a white Valentine’s Day – well almost.  My sister-in-law came up with that and it is perfect for today.  Hi and Happy Thursday.  We have had a super busy day today.  Snow days are fun, you know?

Last night before I went to bed we found out that Ian would be out of school. I then fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up a few hours later, the power was out.  Thankfully it came back on pretty soon.

This morning I went out and took some pictures of the neighborhood of all the snow — we had about 6 inches.  It was lovely.  Then later in the morning we went outside to play. We spent 2 1/2 hours out in it.  Thankfully it wasn’t super cold.  Then again, we were both seriously bundled up.

We had so much fun!  Ian has seen snow now this winter for the second time and enjoyed being out in it both time.  We made a snowman, a snow tower, shoveled some snow, made snow angels, had a snowball fight, played with the neighbors on their igloo, and had a snowball fight.

We then came in and made snow cream which Ian loved.  And, we had lunch and our hot chocolate.  Good times!  Here are a few photos from our day of fun in the snow.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Snow Day – Part 2

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERARight after I finished my lunch, Ian said he was ready to go outside and play in the snow.  He stayed in his warm and footed pajamas, then put on his two coats, gloves, and boots.  He was determined and a man on a mission.

The snow didn’t pack very well so we couldn’t make a snowman.  But we had plenty to keep us busy.

Ian got out his big wheel motorcycle and made circles in the snow, and made a snow angel.  We also shoveled the driveway and played in the snow a little bit.  And, we kicked a “snow ball,” as Ian called a beach ball.

It was a fun time. Unfortunately, by the time we went outside, a lot of the snow had already melted.  The sun is amazing for that.  I hope you enjoy our adventures in the snow.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Snow Day Part 1

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy Wednesday!  I am writing from the southeast on a very cold and snowy morning.  And, guess what?  School’s Out!

Today is Ian’s first snow day.  So far it’s been too cold to go outside.  I told him that this afternoon, we will go out to play.  He wants to build a snowman and have a snow fight.  I will post those photos later.

This morning we woke up at the same time as a school day.  Ian was then ready to play inside with his toys, eat his breakfast, and is now having lunch — at his usual time.

Parents of young school-aged kids don’t get the benefit of sleeping in on a snow day.  Kids don’t seem to know the difference of a day off or not as far as the time to wake up goes.  I know those of you with little ones can totally relate.

This morning I took a few that I wanted to share.  I hope you like them.  It is lovely outside with the sun coming up! Our driveway and side road are still covered.  Not sure when that will go away or change and if I want to shovel it.  Too cold right now.  Sun, please do your stuff and start the melting process!

For all my friends and family in the south, stay warm and safe.  I just wonder if tomorrow will be another snow day?!  We’ll see.


Throwback Thursday – Fun in the Snow

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi and Happy Thursday.  Today is throwback Thursday.

For today’s photo I decided to include a photo from when Ian was 2 years 3 months old.  We had snow in the neighborhood and went out to play in it.  Kirk drew Ian’s name in the snow with his foot.

Isn’t Ian a cutie?  My short and sweet little guy.  He was bundled up to play and have fun in the snow for a little while.  He was so excited and had never been in snow before.

Since then he has played in the snow a few more times but we haven’t seen much in his lifetime.  I am curious about what this year will bring.  Perhaps a chance for him to play in the snow again.

At the beginning of this week we had a dusting of snow but it has been steadily getting warmer as the week goes on.  It was way too cold and not enough snow to play in it this week.

I wonder when the next snowfall will be?  Will Ian get out of school?  Will it be okay to get out and play in?  Can’t wait to find out!

Yeah Spring!

I don’t know about you but I am beyond ready for spring!

I love when the weather starts to warm up and the trees again begin to bud.  The starkness of winter changes to the beauty and newness of spring.

Mother Nature this week didn’t quite cooperate with this change in season.  I have posted a few photos of the spring snow that I took this week.

The trees without leaves are beautiful to me with the snow and light of the rising sun.  What do you think?


Each season has its own beauty.  These pictures capture that well, I think.

I had fun wandering around the yard the morning that the snow had fallen.  I took many pictures and these are just a few of them.

My photography skills are still being developed.  I do enjoy the practice.  Not only did I get some exercise, I also got to see the beauty of nature.

By afternoon, the snow was all melted, so it was a very short-lived system.  But, we did get to enjoy the beauty of the white snow blanket.

I wonder if we’ll have more snow before spring truly begins.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Will It Snow?

Today in East Tennessee it’s looking like we may get some snow this evening.

I must admit I am distracted today thinking about the possibility. We never get very much so it always is big news.

The temperature is starting to drop so if the precip. does make it here, it looks like we may have some snow.  I am just concerned about the black ice. That is always very messy. Since it has been raining since yesterday and continues, it may be harder to treat the roads.

Last year, Ian had a blast playing in the snow. We made a small snowman, wrote his name in the snow, and showed him how to make a snow angel. Hopefully we’ll get the chance again.

The weather makes me think of one of my favorite songs from the movie “White Christmas” — Snow.  I love this song which is sung by Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Vera Allen, and Danny Kaye. Wonderful harmony!

Here are the lyrics (I had to add bullets so the text would stay together).

  • Snow. It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snow.
  • Snow. I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow.
  • Snow. I long to clear a path and lift a spade of snow.
  • Snow. Oh, to see a great big man entirely made of snow.
  • Where it’s snowing all winter through
  • That’s where I want to be
  • Snowball throwing that’s what I’ll do
  • How I’m longing to ski through the snow-oh-oh-oh-oh
  • Those glist’ning houses that seem to be built of snow
  • Snow. Oh, to see a mountain covered with a quilt of snow
  • What is Christmas with no snow
  • No white Christmas with no snow
  • Snow.
  • I’ll soon be there with snow
  • I’ll wash my hair with snow
  • And with a spade of snow, I’ll build a man who’s entirely made of snow
  • I’d love to stay up with you but I recommend a little shuteye
  • Go to sleep, and dream of Snow!

On my birthday, my sister sent me a video of this song from the movie. Wonderful gift, that’s for sure.

I wonder if it will snow today. We’ll know before going to bed.