Day 2 of Spring Break — Snow

Hi and Happy Thursday.  On Day 2 of our Spring Break in the mountains of North Carolina, we woke up to 3 to 4 inches of snow. The amazing thing was that snow didn’t stick to the roads, sidewalks, or driveways.

In the morning we made and threw snowballs, walked around, made snow cream, and had lots of fun.  Then by dinner time, all of the snow had melted.  What an odd way to start our spring break, but it sure was fun.  Hope you enjoy the photos.

Winter Thanks

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis week we have seen three systems of snow, ice, and freezing rain move through.  It has been cold and below freezing for most of the week.  It is unusual weather to say the least and school has been out all week.  You’d think we’d have cabin fever by now, but thankfully we don’t.  Or at least, not much.

For a short time yesterday, we got out and did some shopping and had lunch.  It was nice to be out of the house for a short time and get recharged.  Then last night before going to bed, the snow started again.  We got several more inches of both snow and sleet, and some freezing rain.

Thankfully, however, changes are on the way.  It is supposed to be in the 30s or 40s later today.  Honestly that will feel like spring since it has been so extremely cold.  Despite all of this, we have had a good week and had time to play out in the weather and take a lot of photos.  All in all it has been good.

And, it has made me realize that there are many things that I take for granted.  In extreme weather, these necessities can stop working. These are some items that I am more thankful to have and to have working, and some other things that I am also thankful for.

  • Cold running water that is drinkable
  • Hot water for showers and baths
  • Electricity that turns on lights, the radio, and our computers
  • Gas for our heat that has kept us warm
  • Having a garage that has kept our cars warm and free of ice and snow
  • A refrigerator and pantry stocked full of food and drinks
  • Water pipes that have dripped water all night in hopes of pipes not bursting
  • Cabinets in bathrooms around the house that are open to keep the pipes warm
  • Smoke detectors with working batteries
  • Satellite television that has worked for the most part enabling us to keep tabs on the weather and be entertained
  • A DVD player that played Busytown Mysteries one evening — we all laughed and enjoyed it
  • A stove, oven, and microwave that we have used to cook our meals
  • Telephones for keeping in touch with the outside world
  • Blankets, fuzzy socks, pajamas, scarves, coats, and boots to help keep us warm
  • A school system that puts the safety of kids and adults first
  • Working at home and being able to continue to do so each day

I wonder when the winter wonderland will start to melt?  I hope that it is soon as we are ready for warmer and less messy weather.

Snow, Ice, and Fun

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHi again.  Well, day four of the snow days continues today.  This morning is in the single digits.  So it is very, very cold.  Our gas meter / regulator went out for a few hours on Tuesday night.  Thankfully our amazing utility district came out and replaced it.  So far, so good.

Yesterday we went out to play in the snow for about 1 hour.  It was cold and windy but we still had a lot of fun.  One photo shows icicles on half a tree. These were formed by water dripping off the roof.  Another is of Ian’s snow angel.  Hope you enjoy our snow and ice pictures!!

I wonder when the temps will be above freezing?  I sure hope it’s soon.  Until then, we will stay in and enjoy our hot chocolate, soups, fuzzy socks, warm clothes, and cuddle time.



Dusting of Snow

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAHappy Tuesday.  It seems that much of the country is covered in snow this morning.  We just got a dusting, which made everything so pretty.  Here are a few pictures that I took this morning. Have a great day and stay safe and warm!!GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA