Throwback Thursday – Piano Playing

1598Hi and Happy Thursday.  I came across this photo of myself a while back. It thought it would be fun to share today.  It cracks me up since I seem to be trying to read the music and touching the keys. I must have watched my aunt and some other people to know what to do.

I have always loved music and apparently at this age, loved trying to play some music.  Who knew how it sounded?  I love the smile on my face and how happy I seem to be.  Music has always provided so many emotions and meant so much to me.

This was the piano at my grandparents’ beach house.  It was well-loved and used a lot over the years.  We regularly had sing-alongs there and my aunt would always play the piano for us.  She often played with no sheet music and has always amazed me with that ability.

I have enjoyed playing for years but always got in trouble with my piano teacher for not practicing enough. She was also our organist at church for many years so I saw her several times a week. You would think that the constant reminding would have made me more willing to practice, but no.  It was, in fact, a constant struggle.

Several years ago, Kirk and I bought an electronic piano with many settings and options.  It is fabulous. I still love to play and still need to practice more.  I have a few books of music that I am working on.  They include favorite hymns, show tunes, and Christmas music.  It is fun and something I still need to do more of.

I want Ian to learn to play the piano too.  He has a good ear for music and enjoys touching the keys of our piano.  When he tries, it actually doesn’t sound too bad.  I have a guide to help with the name of each key.  He, like me, will need to practice, practice, practice.  For now, it is still just a fun activity.

I wonder what song I will be able to learn and how long it will take me?  Hopefully not too long, if I will make the time to practice!!

Throwback Thursday – Piano

Patti.piano.Happy Thursday!  For today’s Throwback Thursday, I decided to go way, way back.  This is a picture of me as a little girl trying to play the piano at my grandparent’s house.

At the time I had no idea how to read music, but I seem to enjoy the challenge. I am not even sure what piece of music this is.   As I got older I took piano lessons but never practiced enough.  My piano teacher used to fuss at me, “You need to practice more.”

Now, my husband and I have a piano and although I still love to play, I still don’t practice nearly enough.  This is something I need to work on.  Any suggestions?

I know a few people who are amazing pianists.  My aunt can play almost anything from memory.  She was always the one who played my favorite songs during our family singalongs.  My sister-in-law and her mother all also very good as are my niece and nephew.  They have all learned well and practice regularly. I also have a cousin who is an amazing pianist and singer.  She has written several songs and my favorites are the ones with her singing as she plays the piano.

And, there are artists/musicians who I like very much who are very good on the piano — like Jim Brickman, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, John Legend, Norah Jones, Michael Feinstein, Bruno Mars, Christina Perri, Sara Bareilles, Josh Groban, Diana Krall, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Ray Charles.  Who would you add to this list?

My goal for the month of August is to practice more and to learn a new song.  I enjoy it very much and it is relaxing.  Just have to add it to my schedule.

I wonder what will be the next song I will learn?  I think “How Great Thou Art” will be my choice.  I have worked on it before and look forward to doing so again!!  I will keep you posted on my progress.